About YogaYogi

Our main goal at YogaYogi is to provide our readers with the most accurate information and honest reviews of yoga spots in Hungary. Every report of each yoga studio is written under strict rules and only after having visited and tried them, to be able to give an impartial opinion that has a unified set of viewpoints. We would like our visitors to regard YogaYogi as a guide to the best yoga spots in Hungary and to make it possible for everyone searching for practical information on this matter to be able to find it in a quick and easy manner.

To keep our readers enlightened about all things yoga, we also aim to provide general information about the subject, so that visitors can gain all the knowledge in yoga that they are looking for. The information gathered is well-researched and always written with the intent to give reliable facts that our readers understand one hundred percent.

We are completely independent. As you will see from the articles, our opinion and viewpoint of each yoga studio in Budapest and Hungary is reviewed without any affiliation to either of them, so YogaYogi gets absolutely no commercial profit from its reviews. We have no contract or are collaborating with any of the yoga studios that we review, because this would impair our mission – our intention is to give information through scrutiny and impartialness.