The Best Herbs and Spices For Sore Muscles

Did you know that herbs also work perfectly for muscle aches? If from time to time you are also straining your body and you feel that you need a little natural help, take our advice and turn to these useful herbs and spices for sore muscles!
The Best Herbs and Spices For Sore Muscles

Mother nature offers us a rich medicine cabinet. Some herbs work well for muscle aches, others for sore throats or even stomach aches, but they can also be used as an immune booster and vitamin bomb. It all depends on what our body needs. After an intensive workout consider adding the following herbs and spices for sore muscles to your meals, to reduce or even prevent muscle pain. 

What Can Cause Sore Muscles?

There are many reasons behind muscle pain. The most obvious, of course, is sports. If you like to run or are just going to the best yoga studios in Budapest, from time to time – even with proper stretching – you may overuse your muscles a bit. And then you may feel uncomfortable pain on the following days. In these cases, the herbs will be very effective for muscle pain!

However, you may have this symptom even if you have not moved – and then you should pay special attention to it, because there may be serious underlying causes. If it is not movement – or in some cases poor posture – that is causing the problem, you may want to see a specialist, especially if the symptoms do not improve within 2-3 days. In this case, this discomfort can be a complication of a disease or a side effect of medication.

No need for medicine!

Many people reach for their pain killers as soon as they feel the slightest pain. However, this is not necessarily a good solution. Of course, there are times when it is inevitable, but why immediately use pain killers, when mother nature has given us a vast number of natural pain relievers to choose from!

Pick your favorites or just experiment with which one works best for you. 


herbs and spices for sore muscles after yoga


Herbs for Sore Muscles


Chamomile is a herb with many purposes. It contains 36 types of flavonoids of which each one has anti-inflammatory effects. Massage chamomile essential oil into the painful parts, or brew chamomile tea and drink it regularly for a few days to fight sore muscles.


Helping with countless ailments ginger could not be left out of the list of herbs for muscle pain. The pleasantly pungent active ingredients of the plant have an analgesic effect , according to a study , and also support the joints.


Lavender is known for its calming and relaxing effect, which also promotes restful sleep. But it also works well as an analgesic. It is effective against headaches, for example, when used as an essential oil, and when instilled in bath water, it relieves muscle and joint pain.


Yes, you see well! One of the favorite spices of the Hungarians is also on the list. However, some research shows that essential oil relieves milder pain and also supports the proper functioning of muscles, joints and cartilage. But tea can also be made from it, which is effective against the symptoms of colds. 


Spices for Sore Muscles

Cayenne Pepper

A widely used spice is cayenne pepper, an indispensable element of Asian and Mexican food. In addition, it is said to have many positive effects on the human body. For example, it is known to have a natural muscle relaxant effect, but is also said to help in treating fibromyalgia and rheumatic symptoms. If you want to test its effect yourself, you can spice up your food with it, but it is also available in cream and capsule form.


Many people like the taste, especially in sweet foods, but it’s not just suitable for sprinkling on top of our coffee or mixing into cookie dough. Cinnamon also has an anti-inflammatory effect, so it is suitable for the treatment of arthritis. And if your joints or muscles make your day painful, make yourself a nice honey tea out of it!


So after your next strenuous workout, give these herbs and spices for sore muscles a try. Nevertheless, we strongly recommend that if alternative solutions are not used and the muscle pain persists for a long time, consult a specialist with the complaints.


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