Dance Yoga: Spice up Your Yoga Practice!

Dance (or rhythmic) yoga, a combination of music, choreography and yoga definitely stands out among all the yoga trends!
Dance Yoga: Spice up Your Yoga Practice!

Dance yoga a relatively new modification of yoga, where asanas and the flow of your movements are choreographed to slow music. The music is not the normal relaxing yoga music, that is often played in the background during yoga sessions, though. During a session you can move to your favorite chart hits – as long as they are not too fast.

With the dynamically performed asanas, dance yoga is a fun and entertaining way to bring some variety into your yoga practice. Even though the flow might be a bit different to what you are used to from your yoga classes, all movements and poses are still coordinated with the breath. 

While beginners are welcome to try this fun yoga style, it is helpful to already have a certain strength, flexibility and knowledge of the different asanas to be able to follow along with the instructor.

Have you already tried dance yoga or want to try it? Check out if our best yoga studios in Budapest are a part of this trend or just pick your favorite slow song and create your own choreography at home!

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