English Yoga classes on Margit Sziget: Meet Kinga Szabó

We are happy to introduce you to Kings Szabo, an English speaking yoga teacher in Budapest who offers English yoga classes on Margit Sziget.
English Yoga classes on Margit Sziget: Meet Kinga Szabó

Following a yoga class in Hungarian is not always easy for expats living in Hungary. That’s why in our new series we will introduce you to the every growing number of English speaking yoga teachers in Budapest.


Kinga Szabó – English Speaking Yoga Teacher in Budapest with a Mission to Inspire

One of the English speaking yoga teachers in Budapest is Kinga Szabó, who is on a mission to spread kindness and patience through her yoga classes. With a background in gymnastics she got into yoga after her first Bikram yoga class 10 years ago. Today she practices different styles of yoga, reflecting the balanced way of life she seeks in her inner and in the outside world.

Her classes, for which she always creates a safe environment, focus not only on the physical aspect of yoga, but she also encourages her students to engage with themselves by listening inward.

Kinga believes that yoga is for everyone, no matter the previous experience, gender or age. As confirmed by her own experience she sees yoga as a tool that can help overcome many of today’s widespread problems like migraines, back pain, dietary problems and even anxiety. That is why in her teachings she puts a great emphasis on becoming more aware of one’s body and to move mindfully.

As a strong believer in self-development Kinga loves to explore herself in different areas in her life and strives to inspire others to do the same. For her yoga is a great tool that she can offer to support others.

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English Yoga Classes on Margit Sziget

Kinga offers English outdoor Hatha yoga classes on Margit Sziget on Wednesday evenings and Saturday mornings. They are 60 minutes long and include static asanas, breathwork and relaxation. All levels are welcome, booking is required. And don’t forget to bring your yoga mat!

Classes: Wednesdays 7pm, Saturdays 9am. All levels welcome.

Duration: 60 min

Location: Margit Sziget, Nagy Rét, near the entrance of the Water Tower

Price: 2000 HUF

Booking required via Facebook Messenger or [email protected]


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