English Yoga & Healthy Lifestyle Events in Budapest, 17-23 March

English yoga & healthy lifestyle events in Budapest: pick your favourite yoga class in English or check out any of the other healthy lifestyle related events!
English Yoga & Healthy Lifestyle Events in Budapest, 17-23 March

It’s never been that easy to find English yoga classes in Budapest, so just pick your favorite, grab your mat and have fun!

Friday: Golden Healing Temple

During this session you will learn about the power of your mind in self-healing, followed by asanas to activate your energy channels. Registration required.

Date: Friday, 18th March
Location: 9th district
Time: 7 pm – 9 pm
Price: 2500 huf
Event link


Friday: Yoga Origins for the Boday & Soul

This session offers you the full yogic experience: meditation, breathwork, asanas and even a smell and sound therapy. It will help you to find your lost self and a new connection between your body and mind. Registration is required.

Date: Friday, 18th March
Location: Bercsényi utca 5 Budapest
Time: 6.15 pm – 8.15 pm
Price: 5000 huf
Event link


Saturday & Sunday: Muladhara Yoga Practice

Do something for your physical and mental wellbeing and support at the same time Ukrainian refugees in Budapest. This weekend, Muladhara Yoga Practice offers several donation based yoga classes from spine yoga to hip-opening yoga, prenatal yoga and balance yoga. All proceeds will be used to support Ukrainian refugees in Budapest. Registration required.

Date: Saturday, 19th March & Sunday, 20th March
Location: Muladhara Yoga Practice, Fő utca 63-65, III. floor, Budapest, Hungary 1027
Time: several classes throughout the day
Price: donation of your choice
Event link


Wednesday: Hatha Yoga Foundations

Enjoy this Hatha yoga foundations class, built on the three pillars of body, breathing and meditation. It is the perfect method to strengthen your body, but to also get to know yourself better, gaining a deeper awareness of your body. This class is perfect for beginners. Registration is required.

Date: Wednesday, 23rd March
Location: Bercsényi utca 5 Budapest
Time: 5.15 pm – 6.45 pm
Price: 3000 huf
Event link


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