Fit Mamas Unite: the Benefits of Prenatal Yoga

There are some apparent, and not so obvious benefits of prenatal yoga, but the general consensus is that it can do a world of good for the future moms and for their babies. How does it work?
Fit Mamas Unite: the Benefits of Prenatal Yoga

The Physical Benefits of Prenatal Yoga

These pluses are ones we think of first when this branch of yoga comes into mind, affecting the body more than the mind. In our mind, it boils down to a way for pregnant women to stay fit, maybe keep the unwanted kilos away. But it is about so much more! Yes, not gaining too much weight is a healthier way to carry out a pregnancy, but what about strengthening muscles that will help with delivery?

Not only that: the exercises embedded in prenatal yoga classes also make these muscles more flexible: your hip, your pelvic floor and your core all become prepared for giving birth, making it possible for them to bounce back into their “original state” afterwards. Making your muscles and joints prepared for this strenuous activity can speed up the recovery process – you will also have more confidence in yourself knowing that you came prepared (remember those college tests you studied a lot for?) and things during labor will go more smoothly.



Another very important and common problem for pregnant women is the pain they feel in lower back area due to the increased weight they need to carry. When every movement causes pain, it is easy to stress up and taking pain pills is not a good solution. Prenatal yoga also focuses on these issues, allowing for postures that will reduce pain and increase mobility.


Sleep Baby, Sleep!

Apart from that, doing yoga will help with your sleep troubles, resulting in a deeper, more stable sleep so you can really rest up. Now, let’s consider something that is not so pregnant-lady-specific: we are a stress-ridden society. Thus, we need ways to reduce stress (those who are carrying another human being in their bodies even more so), otherwise it will take a toll on our health.

Taking a couple of hours per week to concentrate on yourself (and your soon to be born baby) will make it possible for him or her to arrive to a home that is well-balanced and ready to give maximum love and nurturing. It is no wonder that prenatal yoga in Budapest has become a huge hit. Almost every yoga studio has a couple per week, so it will be easy to find one that is near you.


The Mental Perks

Meditation and breathing exercises all contribute to a more calm, composed you, which relieves stress on the baby. Ask some mothers around you who did prenatal yoga during their pregnancies– they all report of feeling more connected to their babies, and more harmonious with the world around them.

If you do yoga, stress just doesn’t affect you the way it normally would. They say it’s all in our heads – well, if this is true, you will be much better prepared for the hardships of upcoming labor and parenthood. And, let’s not forget that women around you in class are going through the same life course as you, they have the same thoughts and fears – it is always nice to be around people who are in a similar stage so you feel you are not alone.



The Process

The benefits of prenatal yoga come from the well-structured flow of each class. Breathing is a very important factor in this case, because it prepares you for labor and feeling out of breath – it will help you control this aspect and make you feel ready for everything!

During class, you will do poses that guide you through stretches and others that will boost your flexibility and tone your muscles in the necessary areas – these postures should never push you to the limit, you should never feel like you are over-staining yourself.

It is because of this that some types of yoga are a huge no-no for women who are carrying a child: one of these is Bikram, or hot yoga, which can result in your body over-heating which is definitely not favorable! Also try to avoid yoga classes that are way too dynamic. Your best bet, if you are pregnant is to search specifically for the best prenatal yoga in Budapest and you’ll find classes catering precisely to what you and your baby need.


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