Time to Heal Yourself! Therapeutic Yoga in Budapest

Auto-immune diseases, digestive and mental health issues… believe it or not, these can all be diminished with the help of a series of postures created to tackle the problems in these areas. Therapeutic yoga in Budapest is here to aid you in the journey to recovery!
Time to Heal Yourself! Therapeutic Yoga in Budapest

Happy Tummy with Digestive Yoga Therapy

There is no doubt about it: having a bloated, aching stomach, reflux, constipation, or just feeling constantly tired is a huge pain in our backside. The feeling is constant, with small periods of relief. There is a general inflammatory response in you which can lead to more serious diseases.

Aren’t you tired of feeling pain or general discomfort after you have eaten your favorite meal? Of taking pills that may provide just temporary remedies? Realizing that you cannot lead such an active life due to these issues? Then AUM Jóga’s Digestive Yoga Therapy is the answer to your prayers!

Not only can you attend one of the best yoga studios in Budapest, but you can also learn everything there is to know about ayurvedic eating. All to help decrease inflammation in your body. During ten sessions, you can get to the bottom of these troubles. You will also discover where the initial problem might be!

Since our digestive system is closely linked to our nervous system, your agony might be all in your head- So, what is the magic mix? A series of breathing-, relaxation exercises, asanas and a whole encyclopedia of knowledge regarding what to eat. Of course, according to Ayurveda (also, what to avoid). These ten occasions will help you realize what body type you are and be a bit more mindful about nutrition.



The Most Powerful Therapeutic Yoga in Budapest: Auto-Immune Yoga

This workshop is really something that we are happy to introduce. When all hope is lost, when depression sets in because of your condition, yoga comes to the rescue and lifts you out of the darkness. This course is very special. Why? Well, it is taught by someone who also suffers from a serious auto-immune disease, namely Sclerosis Multiplex. So, she understand exactly what the participants in the group are fighting against.

This therapeutic yoga in Budapest is conducted in groups of maximum fifteen. This way, everyone can get the most attention and classes don’t feel over-crowded. In the seminar, they address a whole range of topics. Among these are the tradition of yoga, breathing exercises… Also, asanas that can be carried out safely at home with alterations. These changes can be easier or harder ones, according to what is best for that person.

You’ll learn about the relationship between our bodies and souls, healthy eating and how to alleviate stress. Complete beginners are welcome with open arms. The main concept? Yoga will give hope and a way to manage what is around the corner. Even when modern day medicine says there is no way to heal and one should just accept their fate.


Artful Ways of Healing

Art therapy is a widely accepted way to treat different predicaments of the soul: it is a way to process and express the feelings inside. Yoga also helps with this, although it is more on resolving things inside and focusing inwards instead of expression. This is why combining yoga and making art is a great idea – during one part of the evening, you can focus on yourself, listen to your thoughts and body, and when the second part comes, you can sit and draw or paint out everything that is inside you.

If you feel like you are over-stressed, or are troubled by something that you cannot seem to process properly, you should give this half-day event a shot – it might help in ways you didn’t even know!


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