Triyoga: what on God’s Green Earth is it?

Forget traditional yoga studios, go for the top! Triyoga spots in London help you focus with everything you have on your health and serenity.
Triyoga: what on God’s Green Earth is it?

“Everyone can triyoga!” This is the slogan of the yoga studio chain in the United Kingdom. Truth be told, it is far from being a new yoga craze. The first facility opened its doors in 2000. Founded by Jonathan Sattin, the main aim was to provide the highest quality in absolutely everything. As such, the level of expertise in teaching, treatments and general customer service is done by thoroughly trained pros.



Think of triyoga studios as sanctuaries in ever-moving cities. Their aim is to provide you with a safe spot away from everyday stress, easy as that. Everyone, regardless of age, gender or physical condition can do yoga here. Especially, since they offer a mind-boggling amount of classes (good luck choosing from this huge selection…)


The Three-Fold System of Triyoga

It’s an easy enough guess to realize that “tri” must signify something. And it does. Triyoga is the wholesome combination of yoga, Pilates and treatments. In other words, a complete program to make you feel top-notch again.

Now, when it comes to classes, a person can select their level, making it easier for newbies to feel at ease. They have Beginners’ Courses and Beginners’ Classes. The distinction is that courses can last from four to six weeks. They bring you up to speed on all of the basics so you can go to more advanced classes.

If, however, someone opts more for only a class here or there, there are 180 classes per week (!) to choose from. So, what type of classes are there? Well, just to mention a few: vinyasa, pregnancy, restorative and hot yoga. Kids and babies are also not forgotten about: there are classes for all kid age groups. They stay true to what they advertise: yoga for everyone!

So, what about the treatments? As expected, they also have heaps of those. Apart from your regular massages, they pride themselves in providing acupuncture and acupressure, energy healing, reflexology and osteopathy as well. By the way, if you find yourself craving for a facial or you want to seek counsel in what constitutes a healthy diet for you, they can also help you with that.



The Founder

Jonathan Sattin’s story is one of those feel-good inspirational ones that we love reading. A senior partner at a law firm turned yoga crazy, he took a long look in the mirror and decided it was high time for a change. He quit smoking (a whopping 40 cigarettes daily) and coffee (14 mugs per day – it even makes my eyes twitch just writing this down…) and opted for a healthier life.

The story of how he started triyoga is a charming one of his dog schmoozing with a Hungarian Vizsla. As Teddy, his Golden Retriever found a new friend, he also found valuable contacts, who then helped him with the business plan. This plan, however, was drawn up for a holistic health club named “tribeca.” The project in the end didn’t start out, but thankfully some friends gave him advice pointing him in the direction of yoga. So, “tribeca” turned into “triyoga,” and off he went with his idea to make the world a happier, healthier place.

Once the building was found, so were the investors. Microsoft Chairman, David Svendsen was also among the initial investors, and he went on to be Chairman of triyoga as well. The gates of triyoga in Primrose Hill opened on 19th of February, 2000. In the beginning, obstacles arose, resulting in – now funny funny – anecdotes. For example, the time when the unforgiving London rain caused to paint to melt off the logo outside the entrance. Just a week before opening! Imagine the horror…

Even though the start is never easy – it wasn’t for triyoga either – they overcame the problems and now, stand tall in five locations! We can only hope that some yoga studios in Budapest will also incorporate this way of thinking into their repertoire.


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