Darshan Yoga

Budapest, District 6, Szófia utca 15, Hungary
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The good:
This is the place of spiritual healing through music and yoga.
The not so good:
Can become a tad overcrowded sometimes.
Spiritualism and yoga knowledge hub where you'll find a wonderful community.

Yoga Yogi Editor's Rating

  • Atmosphere5.0
  • Cleanliness4.0
  • Location5.0
  • Price for value5.0
  • Service5.0

Review about Darshan Yoga

A yoga studio in Budapest where music and yoga work hand-in-hand to free your mind from stress. Such a big emphasis on the power of music shows in the amount of soundbath yoga sessions and courses. The teachers (most of whom are licenced Iyengar yoga instructors) model their classes to harmonize with the melodies. This results in a truly transcendent yoga experience for the students. The whole atmosphere of this yoga spot in Pest mirrors calmness and love for those around you. It is a genuinely relaxing place to be where you can really lay back and just enjoy the process.

With a vast selection of workshops and courses, they will keep you busy during the weekends as well. The main class types are Iyengar, stress-relieving, spine and Hatha yoga. Since most of the teachers have a high level in Iyengar, you’ll find classes everyday. This is a highly spiritual place, more so than other studios, and this shows in the way the staff and teachers communicate with you. You will feel like your soul batteries were recharged completely in those hours you’ll spend here.

Darshan is not only a yoga studio in Budapest… it is much, much more

During the yoga workshops, you will find many people huddled in one room, concentrating on the task at hand. It is an inspiring environment to be in, making you feel a bit like you are in a sacred place. It will feel like you are not really an individual anymore, but rather a part of the group, the community – and it feels amazing! 

The classroom is spacious and has such a wonderful atmosphere. The amount of zen in this place will definitely hit your sweet spot. Everything is in order, the locker rooms are clean and it is obvious that they take special care to keep the clutter out. Of course, otherwise how else would such great energies flow properly? Darshan Yoga studio is not only a location to practice yoga. Rather, it is a spiritual hotspot for all those who want to get closer to something higher than us. It is unequivocally a safe haven for anyone who wishes to leave physical and mental pressure outside.

Studio features

All the sound bath yoga classes you can imagine!
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