Budapest, District 16, Újszász utca 106-108, Hungary
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The good:
Lots of types of classes, some of which where traditional yoga moves are combined by other ways to keep you fit!
The not so good:
The location is quite far outside the city unfortunately...
If you are willing to travel to Mátyásföld, you will find a space where you can satisfy your yoga and other sport needs, on a standard level.

Yoga Yogi Editor's Rating

  • Atmosphere4.0
  • Cleanliness4.0
  • Location3.0
  • Price for value5.0
  • Service4.0

Review about Jógaliget

If you are looking for those original yoga vibes, you are planning on visiting the wrong place. If, however, you are that sporty, I-am-here-to-kick-ass-in-yoga-type of person… Well, this is the perfect yoga studio in Budapest for you! This establishment is not only about yoga. Because of this, you will find that there is a more diverse crowd! And, added bonus: if you are looking for something more hard-core in terms of class intensity, you’ll find something that suits your needs easily.

Even though they are not entirely focused on yoga exercises, rest assured that here, you’ll find the motivation to start living that coveted healthy life. You can even rack up classes if you are feeling extra powerful! Start with a TRX class and then relax and stretch afterwards with a nice spine or aerial yoga… Combining yoga and fitness classes is possible, and the price rate of Jógaliget is something really worth mentioning.

Yes, Jógaliget is not right in the city center to be able to pump up their prices to almost 3000 HUF per occasion. True. But there indeed are some studios that have no problem with this. So, extra points to Jógaliget for creating a price range that is highly acceptable! (Especially since there are two universities not too far away, students will definitely appreciate low prices.) And, let’s keep one thing in mind: low price does not always equal low quality… This yoga studio in Mátyásföld  is the perfect example of that.

A yoga studio in Budapest where you’ll find ALL the fitness classes!

Thanks to the way the studio is set up, you’ll be able to access all sorts of classes. Among these are women’s-, hot Hatha and prenatal yoga. However, you’ll also run into a good Tabata training on some days, or a nice Zumba class.  

The locker rooms and waiting area are designed for functionality – everything has a classic fitness vibe! The fact that the location is outside the city, in the 16th district, is not all bad news for those who live in that area. These people will find a standard level, well-equipped (although not with equipment bought yesterday) gym. Here, they can do whichever type of sport they want, without having to travel hours into the city for a decent class. Maybe because of this remoteness, the staff is very kind and helpful to everyone who enters the gym. Since the community in Mátyásföld and its neighbourhood isn’t too big, you will often see a familiar, friendly face (which is a great way to make new friends)!

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