Mitra Yoga Islands (Ferencváros)

Budapest, District 9, Mester Street 46 floor #3. Floor door #302., Hungary
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The good:
They have classes for ages 0 to 100+!
The not so good:
There are some days where there are no morning classes at all.
A standard quality yoga studio that provides whatever type of yoga you might need. 

Yoga Yogi Editor's Rating

  • Atmosphere5.0
  • Cleanliness4.0
  • Location2.0
  • Price for value5.0
  • Service4.0

Review about Mitra Yoga Islands (Ferencváros)

No, really. They have (almost) all the yoga classes in Budapest you can dream of. For all ages. Are you interested in Prenatal Yoga? Check. Would you like to practise with your 3 plus months-old baby? Check. Do you want your primary school aged children to experience a great yoga session? Check. Are you a teenager fighting with frustrations that you don’t know how to channel? Check. Or, are you a senior who is looking for a way to get back into shape? Check.

As you can see, Mitra Yoga Islands is a yoga studio that wants to give the opportunity for everyone, regardless of age, to be able to practise the yoga types, on their own level and according to their own capabilities. You can access the studio from pretty much anywhere by public transport, it isn’t too far away from the city centre – the neighbourhood itself might not be the most relaxing place, but once you are upstairs in the studio, you will forget all about it. Don’t imagine something too large-scale: it is a typical small yoga studio, nothing too extreme. You get exactly what someone would imagine a standard yoga studio would be: nice enough staff, clean enough changing room and classroom, mood lighting and ornaments.

Finding yoga classes in Budapest for each age group and knowledge level has never been easier.

It is obvious that the emphasis in this studio is not about having a cutting-edge interior designer. Rather, it is about the people side of yoga. It is about forming a community of people who can go to yoga and become friends. To provide yoga exercises for everyone. It is about helping people (for example, women who recently gave birth, or seniors) get back into moving and doing good for their body… it is about being healthy inside and out and to provide the opportunity for everyone, regardless of age.

To be able to really leave the outside rush behind you, each class starts with a quiet relaxation to help you get into the mood and concentrate only on yourself, so try to arrive in time to change without a rush. Since the classroom is not too big, be sure to check if there are places left for the class you wish to attend and sign up for each class!

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