Yoga Secrets

Budapest, District 11, Beregszász tér 13, Hungary
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The good:
Chic design, absolute pro teachers and an environment that is extraordinary!
The not so good:
It is best to go with car, because it can be a bit far for those living in the city center.
Yoga Secrets stands out in the Budapest yoga scene with its mind-blowing facilities, design and teachers. We wish it would be a bit nearer to the center, but it is totally worth the trip!

Yoga Yogi Editor's Rating

  • Atmosphere5.0
  • Cleanliness5.0
  • Location4.0
  • Price for value5.0
  • Service5.0

Review about Yoga Secrets

Now this is a yoga studio in Budapest that merits the adjective “chic”! Located on the Buda side, this mansion radiates the harmony that yoga incites in all of us. Yoga Secrets is surrounded by greenery, but still not oh-so-far-away from the city center. Although, truth be told, it is much easier to get there by car (hence the free parking.) But this place isn’t just a studio, it is much, much more! They have a yoga bar where you can refresh yourself with healthy drinks and snacks. Plus, there is a shop where you can equip yourself with great quality yoga clothes for your next session!

The founder of Yoga Secrets, Anna Nagy is a yoga teacher herself. Having studied under great yogis, she is an absolute pro. And this shows in the way the yoga studio is led. Everything runs smoothly, from your first minute here to the second you step out. The interior is clean, the changing rooms (very!) well equipped. The design is elegant and modern, with harmonizing colors and patterns. You’ll feel like you have just entered heaven.

Another yoga studio in Budapest that sets a high standard

The staff and the teachers are super friendly and help you with anything you need. They also have a trial pass which can be used for 10 classes over 15 days, which is a great deal! The price of one class might seem a bit expensive compared to other yoga studios. However, the amount of extras that you get here makes it completely justified… and worth it! You can also take private classes if you wish, although naturally, these go at a much higher price. All of the instructors are well-trained individuals who will motivate you with kindness and patience.

Yoga Secrets is one of those yoga spots in Hungary where you can find classes to suit all your needs. From newbie yoga to more dynamic classes, they have tons for you to choose from. Some nights they have candlelit restorative yoga, others are about giving you a good stretch. Additionally, on some weekends you can attend workshops, such as the head and handstand course. Time to see the world from another perspective!

In conclusion, this magical yoga place comes highly recommended by the editors here at YogaYogi. It represents a high standard and quite frankly, you deserve to pamper yourself a bit, right? Even if you live a bit further away, it is completely worth the trip.

Studio features

The yoga bar with healthy snacks is something we can definitely get behind!
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