Intermittent Fasting – Rethinking Traditional Meal Times

Intermittent fasting is a way for more conscious eating. There are different fasting windows from 12 hours to even a day or two. The goal of intermittent fasting can be weight loss but also just following a more conscious diet and eating habits. Let’s look at the facts and the different systems.

A Conscious Daily Routine for All Yogis

A conscious daily routine for yogis is essential for our bodies to work healthily and for us to live our lives effectively. If you follow the teachings of Ayurveda during your day it is easy to establish a physical and mental balance. The following activities related to the three doshas make for an ideal daily routine for a yogi. 

Crash Course on Ayurvedic Food

The only way ayurvedic food is otherworldly is because of all the health benefits you end up with. Here is our Crash Course to get you up to speed about the basics of this diet.