A Healthy Digestive System According to Ayurveda

Our gut is a part of the nervous system and with that its proper functioning is connected to our emotions. Anxiety can lead to indigestion while a happy, relaxed state of mind usually goes hand in hand with a healthy digestion. Ayurveda’s strategy for a healthy gut is to ignite the digestive fire, remove toxins and find the foods that are good for you.
A Healthy Digestive System According to Ayurveda

One of the main challenges for a healthy digestive system according to Ayurveda is that when we are in a state of anxiety our digestive system narrows and our intestinal health declines. This narrowing of the intestinal tract does not happen consciously, it is a subconscious reaction to the state of our mind, which is also manifested at the physical level. Our consciousness has a deep connection with the body.

We now live in such an uncertain world that anxiety has become a common feature of everyday life. We can solve this by giving ourselves the permission to feel light and relaxed. A relaxed state of mind goes hand in hand with a healthy intestinal tract. So we should try to foster a relaxed state of our consciousness and at the same time nourish our body. 


The Connection Between a Healthy Gut & Emotions

Nutrition is not only about your body, it can also nourish and recharge our mind. “Nutrition” does not necessarily have to be related to food. It can also include everything that you expose your mind to – the news, movies, the conversations we are having. Anxiety can also start from here if you are constantly reading worrying news or are talking about problems.

Anxiety and fear can disrupt your sense of security. These tensions can also leave a mark on your intestinal tract. This is why it is important to be aware of the quality and the quantity of the food you bring into your body. An important aspect for a healthy gut is what emotional and mental state you are generally in, because you can even store feelings in your gut. 

According to Ayurveda, anxiety is an astringent force that slows down digestion. In this state the dominant nervous system transitions from a state of rest – the parasympathetic nervous system (when digestion is relaxed and active) to a state of readiness – the sympathetic nervous system – (survival mode, digestion is pushed into the background). In this state, the digestive system stagnates and food is stored in the body longer. It can lead to bloating and indigestion if you spend too much time in a state of stress and anxiety.


Nutrition, Love & Kindness for a Healthy Digestive Tract

The intestinal tract is made up of many organs like the stomach, the colon and the small intestines. Proper nutrition, kindness and love flood your belly according to Ayurveda with warmth and pleasant satisfaction. They help these organs fulfil their purpose and relax the stomach, the intestinal tract.

The state of love and kindness is accompanied by relaxation, which also promotes proper digestion. Time spent with friends and loved ones and in nature has a positive effect on our body and also promotes the functioning of a healthy intestinal system. Eating the right food will also help relax your digestion.

Abdominal breathing is a technique that can help to move the intestinal tract from the inside and provide a sort of internal massage, increasing blood flow and cleansing the body and with that helping you relax. 


healthy digestive system according to ayurveda


Digestion Concepts in Ayurveda

The Ayurvedic system connects digestion to the element of fire. The so-called agni is the digestive fire.

The magic of digestion is that when you eat an apple, it becomes part of your body. And no matter what nature the apple is, hot or cold, acidic or alkaline, sugary or bitter, the body still needs to build up the apple into the body. One of the most direct ways to connect with nature and our body is through our meals.

Therefore, what you bring in (both physically and consciously) is one of the central roles in maintaining your health. According to Ayurveda, a healthy intestinal system also plays a big role in a healthy lifestyle .


Agni – How to Improve Digestive Fire?

In fact, digesting food uses a significant amount of energy. Because digestion is such an energy robber, Ayurveda pays great attention to it. In fact, Ayurveda specifically mentions the power of your digestion, called agni. There are many ways to improve agni, such as including digestive spices in cooking, consuming easily digestible foods, avoiding hard-to-digest foods, and finding the right diet for your body type.


Ama – Toxins Created by Indigestion

Poor digestion causes many problems, including the accumulation of toxins, which Ayurveda calls ama. Anything that remains undigested or stuck in the body. Ama accumulates when the agni is low or incomplete. Weakness of digestion in the stomach includes belching, acid reflux, low appetite, and feeling tired after a meal. Signs of poor digestion in the small intestine include gasses and bloating. Signs of poor colon digestion may include odorous stools, constipation, or diarrhea. 


Find the Right Diet for Your Type

According to Ayurveda, everyone has a unique body and there are no miracle foods suitable for everyone. Finding the right diet for us can take a while, but there are special foods for every person that will help us feel better and feel great in our skin.


You can balance your diet by removing any food from your diet that makes you feel tired, uncomfortable, or otherwise affects you negatively. If your diet is clean, you will soon notice which foods make you feel good.

As your diet improves, the taste buds of the tongue will also become more reliable and you will prefer healthy foods, which will speed up the process of cleansing, leading to harmony. The foods that fit your shape vary depending on the season, so you need to re-tune what is ideal for us several times.

With care and adaptation of your diet, you are on a safe way to a healthy digestive system according to Ayurveda. .


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