Advantages of Eating Vegan during Summer

Eating vegan during summer has an even more beneficial effect on the body than at other times of the year. With all the fresh ingredients around it is the perfect time of the year to rely on plants to nourish your body and at the same time reap all the health benefits!
Advantages of Eating Vegan during Summer

Public awareness about the many advantages of eating vegan or plant-based diets on the environment is steadily increasing. But by mainly consuming fresh fruits and vegetables, grain and legumes you can not only save the planet, you can also save yourself thanks to the many health benefits these foods bring with them .And this is especially true in the warmer months: eating vegan during summer is a real refreshment for the body!

But why exactly is eating a vegan diet so good in summer? Why should you skip fatty and meaty foods? Why is it good to opt for at least a vegetarian if not a vegan meal?

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Before we delve into why a vegan diet is good for the body and why a vegan meal is even more beneficial in the summer, let’s look at what exactly this lifestyle entails..

Veganism as a way of life means to completely banish all animal-derived products from ones life. This applies to nutrition, clothing, but also to the furnishings of our homes and virtually every area of ​​life. This is because vegans, in a lifestyle way, keep in mind what is best for Earth, always conscious about the environmental effects of their activities, whether shopping, eating or even traveling. That is, how to leave as small an ecological footprint as possible.

So veganism affects many areas of life. Of course, this should not be so surprising when you consider how much a change in eating behaviour can mean for the environment. But it’s not just the Earth we can do good for, if we switch to a plant-based diet: our bodies will be grateful for it too! Vegan eating in the summer and at all other times of the year is very beneficial for the human body – of course only if you follow it with enough background knowledge and attention. But why is it so good for us and what are the advantages of eating vegan or plant-based?

Plant-Based Diets and the Human Body

If you’ve been sceptical about a vegetarian and vegan diet so far, maybe some official statements from professionals will convince you, e.g. of the American Dietetic Association, the largest organization of food and nutrition professionals in the world. The position of the association is clearly that it a well planned vegetarian or vegan diet is healthy. Thanks to the high nutrition content, these diets can even help you to prevent certain diseases – if you eat a healthy diet consisting of whole foods and not just Oreos and vegan junk food. It is also important to add that this has been found to be true for all stages of life, be it infancy, adolescence, pregnancy or even an active athletic lifestyle.

A plant-based diet has been found to not just be suitable for humans, but to be exceptionally beneficial. This lifestyle has also been linked to lower cholesterol, a lower risk of heart disease, lower blood pressure and a lower risk of diabetes. And that’s not all: vegans and vegetarians have lower body mass indices, and even cancer is less common. All of this may be due to the fact that they get less cholesterol and saturated fatty acids into their bodies. Meanwhile, they get more fiber, magnesium, potassium and countless vitamins into their bodies.


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Eating Vegan during Summer

It is quite clear that in the hot months our body is exposed to more stress than during the rest of the year. Not to mention that when the mercury fiber in the thermometer stays permanently above 25 degrees, the type of food and what type of food we want also changes. But one thing is for sure: eating vegan in summer can help with all of this!

Increase Your Fluid Intake

In the summer, your body needs something completely different than in the winter and fall months – which is why you want other things, as your body knows what it needs. One of the most important things you need to pay attention to in heat is proper fluid intake. It is essential that you consume plenty of water, but remember: a variety of fruits and vegetables also serve as a great source of fluid! In addition, they form the basis of a vegan meal. During summer you have a wide range of options, as you can choose from plenty of seasonal fruits, such as watermelon, 90-95% of which is water! Among the vegetables, cucumber has an especially high water content.

Fruits & Vegetables in Abundance

During summer fruits and vegetables will not only do well, but will also do you good. After all, if you consume less meat and saturated fat, you put less strain on your body. And if there is less meat, there is more fresh plant-based ingredients! And here, in addition to vegetables and fruits, we also mean plant-based “dairy products”. Today, a wide range of herbal drinks, yoghurts and cheeses can be found on store shelves.

Avoid the Additional Heat of Cooking

Since during summer we tend to avoid anything that has to do with heat, we can also try to take it back from cooking. Try recipes that don’t require you to turn on the stove, believe me, you’ll enjoy them more than foods that have been baked or cooked for long hours! Make a cold fruit soup, or a divine, spicy minestrone, but you can also combine a serving of hummus with some crispy vegetables!

Get Started!

As you can see, there are many advantages of eating vegan and there is no better time to try a vegan lifestyle than now, during summer! With our tips you are ready to immerse yourself in plant-based nutrition. Try it and experience the beneficial effects for yourself: eating vegan during summer and all year round is good for you!


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