Goodbye Balloon Stomach! Yoga Against Bloating

Loving food should not be a sin, so why is it that after the most enjoyable meals, we get an uneasy feeling in our bodies? Instead of biting the bullet, or even worse, taking a pill each time, try some of these yoga poses against bloating to say goodbye to your poofy self!
Goodbye Balloon Stomach! Yoga Against Bloating

Unfortunately, some of the best bites in our lives are followed by an uncomfy, bloated, often painful feeling in the abdomen and its area. We feel like our digestive system is at war with the food we just ate, we become fatigued and opt for an easy way out: popping a pill and going for a nap, hoping that when we wake up, all will be good in the world again.

But are you sure that relying on medicine so often is a good idea? We think not! So, before you decide on relieving your pain this way, try a more natural way to cure bloating: yoga! Here are some of the poses that will help you ease the pressure and alleviate your symptoms. You can find most of them at a simple Hatha yoga class in Budapest. Or, practice at home!




Don’t get weirded out, but this pose’s other name is the wind-relieving pose, and yes, you just might let go of some of the gas bubbled up inside of you. Icky? Well, that’s your body, next time maybe don’t eat a whole chocolate cake. The great thing about it that it is so easy to do and actually massages your spine a bit: just lie on your back, your hands on your knees. When you exhale, bring your knees up to your chest and hug them close, keeping the pose for around eight seconds. Then exhale, and let your legs go down on the floor. Repeat it as many times as you wish.


Bridge pose

Already known for its amazing bubble butt effect, the Bridge pose is one of the best yoga poses against bloating since it will get rid of the fatigue as well. This also starts out with you lying on your back. Pull up your knees so your legs form an upside-down V. Your arms should be on the floor next to your body. Now, lift your hips so your knees and thighs are almost at a 90-degree angle. Breathe in, keep it for around five seconds, and lower your hips upon exhalation. It’s that easy!


One of our Favorite Yoga Poses Against Bloating: the Spinal Twist

This just feels heavenly! A common pose that you can find in most classes at the best yoga studios in Budapest, it stretches and twists you in all the right ways. It will leave you feel like you are a new person, and it stretches your back amazingly, too! Just lie down on your mat hugging your knees. When you exhale, let go, and lowering them to the right, one on top of the each other, bent. Stretch your arms out to your side. Turn your head the opposite direction and enjoy the pull! You can stay like this for how long you like, but for a minimum, of ten breaths. Then, repeat the whole procedure, only now your legs are on the left side and your head is turned towards the right!


Upward-facing Dog

While the downward facing dog is also a wonderful way to get rid of unwanted bloating, here at YogaYogi, we prefer this position. The reason for this lies in the effectiveness of the stretch and just the general feeling: it is easier to do with a balloon tummy and feels much-much better for the abdomen. Lie face-down on your mat, your legs should be spread (to maximum hip-width). Put your palms face down next to your shoulders and pushing them into the floor lift your upper-body while you breathe in. You will feel your muscles elongate, but take care! If you feel that your spine is straining, raise your legs a bit.




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