Holy and Spiritual Places in Hungary

Hiking and discovering new places is always fun. If you are looking for new destinations, let us recommend some beautiful places in Hungary that additionally have the reputation to be very spiritual.
Holy and Spiritual Places in Hungary

The best yoga studios in Budapest offer plenty of opportunities to get moving and to try different types of yoga. But if you you’d like to spend your weekends with a bit of hiking in the fresh air, we’ve gathered some tips on places we think all yogis will like – places that not only shine with their natural beauty, but also through their spiritial associations. So here are the best spiritual places in Hungary worth a visit.

Some people believe that the earth is covered by energy lines, many of which are supposedly crossing and meeting each other in Hungary. Along these lines and at their meeting points we find many beautiful places in Hungary, which are said to emit a special energy due to their location.

While there is no scientific evidence for the existence of such lines and energies, there is plenty of evidence that hiking and time spent in nature are extremely healthy – so in any way a visit there can only have positive effects!


Spiritual Places in Hungary



Bükkszentkereszt is located in Borsod-Abaúj-Zemplén county, 20 km west of Miskolc, in the Bükk Mountains, about 600 meters above sea level. With it’s location in the Bükk National Park it is known for it’s healing climate and is classified as subalpine spa. Winter is coming soon, so this is the right place to give your immune system a boost within pristine nature.



In our previous article, we wrote in more detail about this special small village, the Samsara sound bowl, which is currently considered the largest sound bowl in the world. Garáb is located in the Cserhát region, about 75 kilometers from Budapest, about halfway between Pásztó and Szécsény, which can be easily reached by car in approx. It can be reached in 1 hour.

It is nestled in a tourist-friendly environment, among forests, springs and old volcanic mountains. If you combine hiking with a relaxing sound bath in this wonderful location, be sure to visit the Grabensia Inn, where you can also enjoy a delicious dinner to end a cool autumn evening.


world's largest sound bowl


Pilis – Dobogókő

Dobogókő is said to be located at the junction of large energy lines.. It is also home to one of the earth’s energy centers, the Heart Chakra. If you need the energy of love and  would love to hear the heartbeat of the Earth by placing your ear on a rock  be sure to visit here. Beautiful place!


Other Holy Places

Kovácsi Hill in Zalaszántó

Zalaszántó is home to one of the largest Buddhist shrines in Europe, inaugurated by the 14th Dalai Lama. Supposedly, thanks to the energies of the place and the remnants of the Buddha preserved here, one who meditates here can find understanding and a solution to his spiritual problems. If you are ready to give way to positive thoughts and let go of bad and hurtful grievances, be sure to visit here.


Krishna Valley

Krishna Valley is located on the outskirts of Somogyvámos in Somogy County, 30 km from Lake Balaton . This Indian Cultural Center and Biofarm was established in 1993 with the aim of helping people to learn about the values ​​of Vedic culture as well as the natural way of life. Mandatory for all yogis!

We hope we have been able to provide you with new information and visit some of the places listed later this year. Although the summer days are over, dressed warmly, we can have great experiences all over the country.

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