How to Use Incense: Choose the Right Fragrance

Excellent to use as part of aromatherapy, we will help you to choose the right fragrance for the occasion and explain how to use incense.
How to Use Incense: Choose the Right Fragrance

We have already written in an earlier post about how incense can be used as part of aromatherapy. Now, however, we will show you how to use incense in different situations of our daily lives.


How to Use Incense – The Basics

Anyone who has been to one of the best yoga studios in Budapest , or is fond of pampering themselves with a refreshing massage, knows that an accompanying fragrance has a pleasant effect on body and soul. A properly selected good quality incense not only cleanses and refreshes the air in the room, but can also have a positive effect on both mind and body. Incense can help with positive thinking as well as with relaxation, and it can fill the space around us with positive energy. It is no coincidence, then, that the use of incense is closely related to yoga.

Proper use is very important. As incense burners emit a lot of fragrant fumes, use them in a ventilated room. Don’t use them too frequently, as in excess they can cause headaches as well as eye, nose, throat and respiratory tract irritation. 

Before buying a brand, check the ingredients. Choose incense made of natural aromas and ingredients, avoid products made of synthetic materials!


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The Right Incense for Different Occasions

When buying incense you can just listen to your intuition and what your nose likes best. Let your body decide which scent it will enjoy most.

But there are also fragrances which are said to be supportive for specific occasions:

Lavender to relax:

One of the best known and most popular herbs is lavender. In addition to its beautiful color, its aroma is excellent for restoring physical and mental balance. It calms the mind, relaxes, helps us focus on the things that really matter. Lavender-containing incense can be used for migraines, headaches, depression, anxiety, mood swings and exhaustion. 

Meditation with the scent of jasmine:

Jasmine as a “gift of God” was first discovered by Buddhist monks living in the Himalayas. It is used in many forms and can often be found as a decorative element. The scent of jasmine has a stress-relieving effect and can help against bad mood. It helps to develop intimacy in space, thus supporting the attainment of a state of meditation. It can be used both in incense and as an essential oil.

Sandalwood for concentration:

The plant from India has many positive effects. Sandalwood can help to let go of negative thoughts, increase mental strength and intelligence, stimulate the imagination. It may be used during exam periods or with tiring mental work, as it clarifies dormant thoughts.

Ylang-ylang for romance:

In addition to being a true aphrodisiac, ylang-ylang has many other beneficial effects on the body. viewed. It can help to relax and calm down, strengthen the energy of love. It can also help with menstrual cramps and, as a mood enhancer, with impotence


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After a hard day: Bergamot

Bergamot has long been known as a medicinal ingredient. After a hard and tiring day, it can be a real cure for the soul. It can have a powerful calming effect, so it frees you from negative emotions and feelings of tension and stress.

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