My First Bikram Yoga Class in Budapest

My First Bikram Yoga Class in Budapest

High temperature and high levels of humidity, the two main “weapons” of a Bikram yoga class in Budapest. And, it all seems easy-peasy when you hear someone talk about it, but in reality? It’s pull-your-socks-up time!

You know those summer days when all you can do is lie in your bed without the covers, not moving because even lying still makes you sweat like a piggy? Well, welcome to hot yoga! Bikram yoga in Hungary is all the rage now, didn’t you know? I really didn’t believe my yoga-crazed friend when she told me about some class where you will sweat out all the liquids you drank that day. I imagined she must be exaggerating. Like the people who like to tell tales: “I did squats with a hundred kilos and bicep curls with two hundred…” Sure. Sweating so much during a yoga class seemed to belong in the same category of riding unicorns and jumping over the rainbow.

Boy, was I wrong. Since I myself have been to a large number of different types of yoga, I figured the next step would be a Bikram yoga class. Something that is a bit different from the others, a new experience I could try and benefit from. I have heard a lot about its positive effects: the glowing skin, easier weight loss, detoxification of my body, better flexibility and so on and so forth. Reading about it, it seemed like hot yoga was the answer to all health problems.

So, I hopped on the Internet and searched for a Bikram yoga class in Budapest

Luckily, I found one that had an amazing website, easy to navigate and to use. This immediately made the place very appealing. Added bonus, the studio is located only ten minutes away from where I live, so my motivation peaked in a second. No need to book classes, I pinpointed a regular Bikram class, said to last one and a half hours like most yoga classes usually do.

When I entered the studio, Bikram Yoga Center at Astoria, I immediately felt the heat. I walked up to the reception to register and get my 10-day trial pass. They explained everything to me as I told them I was brand new to this thing. When the nice lady said, “The main aim is for you to be able to remain inside during class, so even if you feel like you can’t do the postures anymore, just lie down and relax,” I felt the alarm bells ringing in my head (maybe it was just the heat getting to me already?). So, I quickly headed to change to occupy myself with something familiar.

Once in the locker room, I looked around at the hot yoga attire of others… and decided to lose my tank top

Afterwards, it turned out that I made the right choice, because as I entered the class, the humidity-and-heat-combo hit me. I scurried to find a spot and quickly laid down as recommended. Just laying there and blinking made me sweat, so I looked gratefully at my companions who were all in sports bras like me. “With a tank top?! What was I thinking?!” I asked myself as the teacher came in and everyone stood up.

She guided the class with a type of professionalism that you can only find at the best bikram classes in Budapest. I only felt bothered by the heat in the first half an hour. After that, I managed to completely drown out the sweat dripping from even my elbows. The postures were what you would normally find in a regular hatha yoga class. Add some humidity and feverish warmth, and you arrived to Bikram yoga. It takes extra strength and stamina to carry the forms out. Then, suddenly, the class ended and everyone headed towards the changing rooms. At first I felt like I couldn’t even walk, my legs were weaker than usual and I felt like I could just lie down. At the foot of a mountain stream. And drink the cold, fresh water for days. And days.

As I stood under the shower, however, I felt my energy come back and by the time my hair was dry and I was ready to leave, my movements were swift and easy, as if I was floating in space. Bikram yoga gave me enough vitality for the whole day lying ahead. Also, I have to admit: I wasn’t as tired as I usually am when I went to bed that night.


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