Our 6 Favorite Spiritual Movies

It is really autumn now. The days are cool and short, with the sun saying its last goodbyes already in the afternoon. It’s the perfect time to snuggle up on the couch and watch a movie. To help you choose, we’ve put together a list of the best soul-warming and sometimes even enlightening best spiritual movies for a cold autumn evening.
Our 6 Favorite Spiritual Movies

Is it just us or are you also tired of movies about violence, murder, crime and other drama? Wouldn’t it be nice to watch something uplifting instead, after finishing a long, exhausting day of work? What we watch on screen can greatly influence our mood and feelings, so maybe it is time to make more conscious movie choices instead of clicking on the first best Netflix suggestion. 

To give you some inspiration we have compiled a list of our favorite uplifting and sometimes even spiritual movies, for that sweet warm feeling in your heart on a long, dark evening.


Our Favorite Spiritual Movies


Eat Pray Love 

This 2010 movie has been enjoying unbroken popularity ever since it’s release. The story is based on Elizabeth Gilbert’s autobiographical novel. Liz, played by Julia Roberts, has everything – a loving husband, a great career, and a beautiful house. One day, however, she realizes that she is deeply unhappy inside. Unfortunately she does not know what she wants, just what she doesn’t want.

After she divorces her husband, she decides to spend a year finding herself. She spends several months in Italy to learn Italian, where she enjoys the country’s culinary pleasures and makes new friends. Afterwards she travels to India, where she tries to find inner peace through meditation. Eventually, she travels to Bali to learn from a medicine man and also to find love, which brings the long desired balance to her life. 

[youtube v=”mjay5vgIwt4″]


An Interview with God

What would you ask god? A fantastic film for all spiritual pathfinders. News correspondent Paul Asher, just having returned from Afghanistan, finds it difficult to process the horrors he has seen in the war after his return. HIs marriage being almost completely ruined through it, he feels lost and doesn’t know what to do.

One day, life brings him together with a strange interviewee: He meets a man who claims to be god. Paul is initially skeptical of the mysterious stranger’s words, but the more they talk, the more he feels that maybe the man is really telling the truth. 

[youtube v=”JbQh11oUh6s”]


The Man from Earth

The whole movie takes place in a single room. It is a great and thoughtful story about human’s search for meaning, loneliness and immortality. John Oldman, a professor of history unexpectedly announces that he is moving and leaving the university he has been working for. Before leaving the city, his colleagues visit his home to find out why he is leaving and to bid their farewells. While movers are taking John’s last furniture and whiskey bottles are emptied, a long, highly philosophical conversation unfolds, during which John confesses something incredible to his friends.

A movie consisting of just one single conversation may seem boring at first, but trust us, you soon will closely follow every word spoken. Raising more than one existential question this movie will give you plenty to think about. This one definitely ranks on top of the list of our favorite spiritual movies!

[youtube v=”9mOIxyRTY5I”]


The Beginning of the Future

Can a single little boy save the whole world? Elementary school student Trevor took his homework very seriously: to come up with a fantastic plan on how to fill people’s hearts with love and kindness. A thought-provoking and inspirational movie. It is a bit emotional, so for sensitive souls we recommend to have some tissues ready.

[youtube v=”qfW0wCV9iFI”]


Bonus Movies (not just) for Kids


Inside Out

Like all Pixar movies, this gem from 2015 is not just for children. Set mainly in 11-year old Riley’s head, we watch her 5 personified emotions guiding her through the day. We can learn a lot about the functioning of our subconsciousness and inside voices, the “islands of personality” and the functioning of our feelings. It is a nice story, perfect for a family movie night.

[youtube v=”yRUAzGQ3nSY”]


Atlantis- The Lost Empire

In this Disney movie a young linguist, Milo together with an excentric millionaire and his team, sets out in search of the lost empire, Atlantis, financed by an eccentric millionaire and accompanied by a team of equally eccentric experts. On the adventurous journey, they manage to discover the city believed to be lost, but to their surprise, they find not a ruin, but a great kingdom. Betrayed by some of his companions, Milo soon has to fight to stop the destruction of Atlantis.

[youtube v=”JuWOj27MyMg”]


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