7 Rivers and Lakes around Budapest to Cool Down

When it is hot, many want nothing more than to get out of the city into nature. Our rivers and lakes around Budapest allow you to escape from the heat of the city and to cool down right next to the water!
7 Rivers and Lakes around Budapest to Cool Down

When the summer months arrive and the temperature is permanently around thirty degrees we soon feel like we need to catch our breath at the waterfront. And while a trip to Balaton is a bit far for many, there are plenty of options to cool down around Budapest. 

If you have no idea where to start from Budapest for a little waterfront experience, check out our list, where you are guaranteed to find a place to visit!


A Trip to Rivers and Lakes Around Budapest

Before we get to our recommendations, we’ll give you some tips on how to embark on a perfect waterfront adventure. On the one hand, it is important to keep in mind that these are natural waterbodies, so it is especially important to pay attention to safety. Rivers and lakes can suddenly become very deep and you can experience cold currents and other surprises, so swimming there is only recommended for good swimmers.

Also don’t forget, that even though the temperature on the waterfront is more pleasant, the UV rays are just as strong. Don’t forget your sunscreen at home!

In addition to these, always have enough water and some food with you – just like any time you go hiking. (This, of course, is important if you choose a location where there are no crowded buffets.) And if you want to take advantage of the calm atmosphere around water bodies, take a mat with you and slip in a little yoga session next to the peaceful waves! 

Now all that is left to do is to give you some ideas on where to go, if you want to cool off next to water in and around Budapest! 


Bathing in the Danube

This summer – after almost 50 years! – we have the opportunity to swim in the Danube again in the capital. The Romai Part Plázs has opened its doors because the water quality is excellent again, so it is safe to swim in it or just paddle. The Plázs is free to visit, there is a lifeguard service and buoys for safety, free drinking water, a washbasin, a changing room, a shower and even sun loungers!

Meanwhile, a paid beach has opened in Budapest at Kopaszi-gát. True, Sho Beach is not free, but it gives you the opportunity to eat a  divine meal at the fine dining restaurant here, and even access to other, higher-level services with it.

A bit further from Budapest you can find a place on the banks of the Danube with a magical atmosphere, where you can swim in the Danube, camp on the waterfront in the evening and even watch August’s shooting stars. The Kisoroszi Szigetcsúcs, in addition to having a wonderful panoramic view, has almost no light pollution, so you can feel as if you are at the end of the world.


rivers and lakes around Budapest
The Danube at Nagymaros


Lupa Tó – Resort Feeling Close to Budapest

In the vicinity of the Danube there are several lakes not to far from Budapest. One is Lupa Tó, which has beautiful clear water, entertainment – bars and cafes – as well as sports options. Go fishing, wakeboarding, have a cooling cocktail or have a yoga session during sunset on the sandy beach! Lupa Beach has become very popular in recent years, so if you choose this option, expect that you will have to share the beach with many others.


Omski Tó – Just Chill or Learn How to Wakeboard

Omski Tó is located in the immediate vicinity of Lupa Tó. There are fewer people, yet provides a perfect opportunity for recreation and cooling down, especially for those who like to relax actively. Although the area of ​​the lake is relatively small, you can find here the Omsk Wakeboard Center, where anyone from beginner to advanced can try themselves in this exciting water sport.


Palatinus Tó – The Clearest Water in Hungary

The largest lake in the Dorogi Basin, Palatinus Tó, is a short drive from Budapest, which is definitely worth a visit if you want to take a swim in the clearest lake in Hungary. Modern infrastructure, numerous sports facilities and family programs make Palatinus Tó a perfect choice for anyone.


Domonyvölgy Tó – Almost Seaside-Feeling

If you start from Budapest towards Hatvan, you can easily find Domonyvölgy, with a nice little beach, the D-Beach , which has been created to recreate the atmosphere of the seaside. Clear water, a sandy beach and palm trees: this is what awaits us if we choose Domonyvölgyi Tó to cool down a bit!


Malom & Öreg Tó – Great for Fishing & Swimming

Almost everyone immediately associates Veresegyház with its Bear Farm. However, there are other interesting places in the settlement, one of which is Malom Tó, a paradise for fishing. Right next to it you can find Öreg Tó which is great for families for swimming, with buffets, beach volleyball and football courts as well as a playground: the range of possibilities here is very wide and provides relaxation for the whole family.


Pázsit Tófürdő – A Peaceful Oasis North of Budapest

The Szentendre Peninsula is worth a trip on its own, as it holds many natural wonders. One of its jewels is Pócsmegyer, where you can also find the Pázsit Tófürdő . If you come with small children and therefore prefer water bodies without a current, this is the perfect choice. In addition to relaxing by the calm water and the peaceful environment, you can even include a little sightseeing in Szentendre!


Make Use of the Last Weeks of Summer!

Unfortunately, like every year, summer goes as fast as it came. A trip to the rivers and lakes around Budapest is best enjoyed while it is still hot – so don’t wait too long to check them out! 


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