The Best Baths in Budapest to Relax in Winter

Budapest’s baths are world famous and popular with tourists and locals alike. Especially on a cold winter afternoon they invite you to soak in their warm waters and relax for a while, forgetting about the gloomy weather outside. To help you pick the right one to visit, we’ll introduce the best baths in Budapest to you.
The Best Baths in Budapest to Relax in Winter

The best baths in Budapest await visitors all year round and provide a great opportunity to relax during all seasons. In the colder months, however, their atmosphere is quite special, making for an unparalleled experience. During winter you can completely relax there, warm up your body and soul and rejuvenate.

But which one to choose among the many of the best baths in Budapest for winter relaxation? We are here to make your choice easier!


Széchenyi Spa and Swimming Pool

When it comes to the Budapest baths, many immediately think of the Széchenyi Bath. No wonder! The iconic building has been providing recreation for millions of Budapest residents and tourists for more than 100 years. The unique blue-yellow inlaid building and the steaming pools offer an even more special experience during the colder season.

In addition to the pools and saunas, there are also therapeutic massages, weight baths, mud treatments and couples massages – just to name a few of their fantastic facilities. Be prepared, however, that the bath in Városliget is very popular, so you might not be the only one there…

Széchenyi Thermal Bath and Swimming Pool

1146 Budapest, Állatkerti körút 9-11.

From 5900Huf/daily ticket



Rudas Spa and Swimming Pool

There is no comparable view in any of the other baths! The panorama of the Danube, the glass-domed building and the gastronomic masterpieces make Rudas special. Spend an amazing dinner on the terrace, soak yourself in the pools, or use the spa bath or medical massage if you need to. What’s more, if you want to get a souvenir, look around for craft soaps, medicated soaps, and spa accessories!

Rudas Spa and Swimming Pool

1013 Budapest, Döbrentei tér 9.

From 3800 Huf/daily thermal ticket


Szent Lukács Bath

One of Budapest’s most historical baths, the geothermal water of its hot springs as been used for centuries already. In the historical building anyone can relax and unwind after a week of work. Among the many services, massages, such as premium and double massages, or private bathing stand out. In addition to the spa pools, you can choose between a medical therapeutic massage or a carbonated bath or an underwater hydromassage. In fact, there is even a complex spa treatment waiting for you in Lukács Bath, so if you have any complaints, this is the place for you!

Szent Lukács Bath

1023 Budapest, Frankel Leó út 25-29.

Tickets from 3500 Huf


Bath of the Merciful Veli Bej

Not far from Lukács we can find the Veli Bej Bath of the Dragons. And it is also worth a visit if you want to experience the wonders of the best Baths in Budapest! The magnificent historic building has five swimming pools and plenty of facilities. There are essential oil steam baths, massage showers with ice machines, infrared and Finnish saunas, jacuzzis, and even a swimming pool.

If you want a simpler, clean environment where there isn’t much crowd, you’ll love this spa. You’ll also love it i you want to feel like taking a small trip abroad – to Turkey to be specific!

Bath of the Merciful Veli Bej

1023 Budapest, Árpád fejedelem útja 7.

3-hour tickets from 3500 Huf


Szent Gellért Swimming Pool and Spa

It is no coincidence that the St. Gellért Swimming Pool and Spa, located next to the Danube bank, is one of the most popular spas in the city. Even as an outside observer, we can see that this is an unusual building. And it looks even more better on the inside! The colors, the inlaid decorations, the stuccoes, the mosaics pamper the eyes and the water the rest of your body!

In the shade of the statues and stone columns you can relax in the pools, but you can also try the saunas or one of the pleasant massages. And if you feel that your body needs some kind of treatment, you can find it here too!

Szent Gellért Swimming Pool and Spa

118 Budapest, Kelenhegyi út 4.

Daily tickets from 5900 Huf


Take a bath and relax!

Whatever you are looking for, you will find it in one of the best baths in Budapest. Swimming in a pleasant environment or relaxing in the water is also the perfect complement to a busy day or an afternoon of training. So, if you have already moved your body in one of the yoga studios in Budapest , you can reward yourself with a few hours in one of the best baths in Budapest!


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