The Best Ice Skating Rinks in Budapest

One of the best things about winter is ice skating! So whether you are a beginner or basically a professional, if you come with your family, friends or even alone, you are guaranteed to have a lot of fun on the best ice skating rinks in Budapest.
The Best Ice Skating Rinks in Budapest

Our options for outdoor sports can be a bit limited during winter. Of course, nothing is impossible and well-dressed we can still hike or run – if we can stand the cold – but a workout can be much more enjoyable if we choose a special winter sport. If you don’t have a chance to go snowboarding or skiing in the mountains, how about a visit to one of the best ice skating rinks in Budapest?


Why Do We Love It?

Before we list the ice skating opportunities in the capital, let’s look at why we love this sport so much – besides the fact that it is great fun. Ice skating is a very complex form of movement that engages the whole body. Its main focus is on the muscles of the legs and buttocks. In addition to strengthening, it also improves our coordination skills and sense of balance, and even improves our posture. Not to mention how positively it affects our stamina!

Now that we are in the mood for a little ice skating, let’s see where the ice skating rinks are in Budapest!


Ice Skating Rinks in Budapest

Because ice skating is loved by children and adults alike, it has become increasingly popular in recent years. So more and more ice skating rinks are opening in Budapest each winter. If you haven’t found the right one for you yet, browse our list and find your favorite!


Budapest Park Jégvilág, the Newbee

We have visited Budapest Park so far only for the concerts, but this winter they raised their stakes and opened their own skating rink in the arena of the concert venue. So now a 1,200-square-foot, huge ice rink awaits those looking to get moving! If you do most of your training in one of the best yoga studios in Budapest, but you want a little outdoor exercise, where you can skate freely in a huge area, then this will be the perfect place for you.


Városligeti Műjégpálya, the Classic

To real ice skating fanst we certainly do not have to introduce the Városliget Ice Rink, which has been a favorite of the people of the capital for many, many years. The track is located in a spectacular environment, not only for exercise, but also for relaxation: with a delicious, hot tea, you can let off steam.


best ice skating rinks in budapest


Winter Wonderland Westend , the Cool One

Fabulous carousel, ice skating, mulled wines, chimney cakes, beers, hut atmosphere: what else could you need? The location in the Westend’s roof garden provides everything you need for a perfect winter getaway. The surroundings are brought in a century-old design, providing a truly Instagram-compatible venue for those looking to play sports or just have fun and take photos.


Bálna jégpálya, on the Banks of the Danube

There are few more cozy places on the banks of the Danube in Budapest: the proximity of the water, the rays of the sun and the downtown buildings make the Balna area really special. And this year, the experience will be enhanced again, as an ice rink has been installed next to the building. The panorama is fantastic, the track is 450 square meters and it’s free! After the skating, you can enjoy the facilities of the restaurant.


Indoor Ice Skating Rinks in Budapest

If those tips didn’t really get you in the mood to play in the fresh, crisp cold outdoors, then there’s nothing wrong with that! There are indoor ice skating rinks in Budapest. On these you can enjoy the benefits of ice skating but a little less or exposed to the vicissitudes of nature.

One is the Marczibányi Jégpálya, where you can even take lessons. You don’t have to go much further for another indoor course: the Jégkert near Mammut offers a figure skating course and a hockey school, but of course you can go in for a smooth ride. But there is also a track in Kőbánya for those who are looking for a chore in the suburbs.


Skate into Winter!

Like it or not: winter has come in full force now: snowfall and minus temperatures are coming. Instead of lamenting the weather, what if we tried to enjoy it a bit? And until spring arrives, the ice rinks in Budapest are also waiting for you and will make this period a bit easier!


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