The 2 Best Yoga Channels on Youtube

While Hungary and basically all of Europe are facing the second wave of COVID-19, restrictions are tightening and the best yoga studios had to temporarily close down. While some of them will be offering online classes, there is also an abundance of free yoga videos to be found - here are two of the best yoga channels on Youtube!
The 2 Best Yoga Channels on Youtube

With an excess of yoga content on Youtube it is not always easy to cut through to the high quality videos we are all looking for. Especially for yoga beginners it can be difficult to find the best yoga channels on Youtube that allow them to learn from home while also practicing safely and correctly. 

This is why the Yogayogi team would like to introduce to you our two favorite channels, which have helped us over the last months to keep a calm mind and improve our practice at home. 

So no matter if you are a beginner or already an experienced practitioner, our two best yoga channels on Youtube are guaranteed to get you through the next few weeks and increase your fitness level till we will be able to visit the best yoga studios in Budapest in person again.


Yoga with Adriene

Adriene Mishler is nothing less than the uncrowned queen of Youtube-yoga. Her channel Yoga with Adriene, which she started in 2012, has currently 8.6 mio subscribers, all part of the probably most supportive yoga community out there.

Adriene is a down to earth yoga teacher who offers almost 600 high quality, free yoga videos, covering a wide range of topics. There are videos and playlist for beginners, but also more advanced yogis will find something interesting for them.

You can find playlists sorted by length of the videos, with short yoga practices of 10 min for when it has to be real quick, to full yoga practices of up to 60 minutes. Some of her videos target specific body areas like the core, some can help you to fix certain issues like back and neck pain. Some of them will make you sweat, while other videos are focussed on stretching, relaxing and pranayama, creating an almost meditative atmosphere. 

What sets Adriene apart from many others is that with her warm and welcoming personality she genuinely cares for the global community she has created, a community that consists of members of all ages, shapes and interests. She seemingly never gets tired to inspire self-love, self-acceptance and self-awareness, radiating love and compassion herself. 

Her motto is “Find what feels good”, which is strongly reflected in her teaching style. She never forgets to encourage her students to practice asanas in a way that feels good to them and their bodies without forcing anything, while applying this wisdom not only to the physical practice, but also to life. 

[youtube v=”pWobp3phsEU”]


Each month a new playlist with videos for every day with focus on different topics like courage or nurture is created, which show that Adriene puts great emphasis on yoga not just as an exercise, but as a tool for mindful living, connection and awareness. Eveery 1st of January a completely new 30-day yoga challenge is uploaded – perfect for all those New Year’s resolutions.

Practicing with Adriene, who never wears a fancy yoga outfits but the same washed out, old t-shirts like we do while exercising at home, is like practicing with your always supporitve best friend in your living room – appearances of her cute dog Benji are an additional plus.

The only point of criticism we have is that for some people Adriene can be a bit too chatty – because when we are holding on to a pose with shaking legs and our last strength, sometimes a continuous lecture on inner stillness and calm breathing is the last thing we want to hear. But worry not, Yoga with Tim is coming to therescue!


Yoga with Tim

Time Senesi from Yoga with Tim currently has 166k subscribers and offers more than 250 videos on what for us is definitely one of the best yoga channels on Youtube. 

Described by many in the comments to his videos as the “most chill yoga instructor”, Tim is a calm, down-to-earth guy. His instructions are always precise and on point, but never dry and boring. The occasional unplanned jokes that slip out of his mouth make the videos fun, charming and personal. 

Like Adriene, Tim believes that yoga should be accessible for anyone, especially considering his own journey: Tim started yoga in college, when he was overweight, depressed and battling an alcohol and drug addiction – and yoga changed his life. So next to teaching in studios he started his Youtube channel in 2018, hopeing to give the change, the peace and the healing that he so desperately needed when he was younger to other people who might be in similar situations.

Tim’s Youtube channel also seems kind of a “gateway drug to yoga” for many men, who are still about sceptical about this “women’s sport”, but come in flocks to his comment section, expressing gratitude for introducing them to yoga.

One of Tim’s greatest strengths is the precision of the alignment of his asanas, which he is trying to pass on to his students with very clear instructions. From time to time he invites guest to participate in his videos, who then do the yoga flow while he is concentrating solely on explaining the correct alignment and practice of each posture.

[youtube v=”RiArIqYwCXQ”]


Tim’s channel has a very good foundation series, which gives new yogis an excellent introduction on how to  do the most common yoga postures correctly. It also helps them to build up enough strength to be able to later do Tim’s other videos.

Tim puts a lot of emphasis on practicing yoga safely and not jumping into postures students aren’t fully ready for yet. For this he also focuses strongly on building the required strength, regularly incorporating elements that are not typical for yoga, but target neglected muscle groups.

In his playlists you can find various 30-day challenges, but for beginners we strongly recommend to start with his foundation playlist, otherwise you might run into trouble trying to follow his other videos. 

If you are still not sure which one of those two great teachers is the right one for you, just try them both! Sooner or later you will automatically stick with one of them. And if you have other contenders for the title of tje best yoga channel on Youtube, let us know, we’d love to check them out!


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