Why You Should Consume Less Sugar

Sugar is everywhere and we all love sugary foods. Yet the excessive consumption of sugar is linked to a variety of health and other issues. The benefits of consuming less sugar and out tips on how to achieve this will help to reduce your sugar intake and live a healthier life full of energy!
Why You Should Consume Less Sugar

A quick chocolate bar, a nice piece of cake or your favorite latte to go – all of them have the power to make a bad day better, but also all of them contain a lot of sugar. Sugary snacks taste great, give us quick energy and make us feel good. For a while at least. Then why on earth should you try to eat less sugar?


What Are the Benefits of Consuming Less Sugar?

Eating less sugar can be difficult: firstly because sugar is everywhere and secondly because our body really is addicted to it and you will crave it strongly – especially if you want to completely remove it from your diet. Remembering the benefits of consuming less sugar will help you to pursue your goal.


Less Spikes in Blood Sugar Levels

Consuming sugar boosts your blood sugar levels, and one minute we may feel energetic, and the next we suddenly run out of energy. When you consume less sugar, your energy levels will be more balanced and you will even say goodbye to the well known afternoon slump.


Reduced Risk for Certain Diseases

You will be healthier. Excessive sugar consumption can lead to obesity and type 2 diabetes. Cancer Research UK said reducing sugar intake helps avoid extra weight gain and maintaining a healthy weight reduces the risk of 13 types of cancer. They consider the negative effects of sugar to be so strong that they encourage people to join a one-month sugar fast.


Your Teeth Will Thank You

Nobody likes to sit in the dentist’s chair, do you? In many cases dental problems stem from nutrition and the consumption of sugar. We all know that consuming excessive amounts of sugar can create an acidic environment in the mouth that can attack teeth. So reducing the intake of refined sugar reduces the risk of dental problems.


You Will Sleep Better 

Again, fluctuations in blood sugar levels are associated with poor sleep. For example, it can be observed in children how energetic they will be and bounce around if they eat a lot of sugar. If you eat too much sugar, also as a grown up you will have problems falling asleep, staying asleep and you will feel  tired in the morning.  


Experience a New World of Flavors

Over time you will be able to taste the different flavors of your meals better and enjoy them more. You will be surprised by the incredible sweetness of a fresh peach – or even of a carrot. 


Better Mental Health 

It’s not just your body that benefits. Research has shown that excessive amounts of sugar can also affect our mental health through anxiety or depression. Reducing your sugar intake can even improve your memory.


consume less sugar


Tips for Consuming Less Sugar

Sugar makes popular foods and drinks more appealing. It enhances the flavor and in combination with other ingredients like aromas it often almost makes them addictive.

You will find it not just in cookies and chocolate, but also in places where you’d never suspect it – for example in bread, in pasta sauces and basically most processed food. Most of the time the labels don’t give away the high sugar contents and even in the list of ingredients sugar hides behind names like dextrose, maltose and fructose.

So avoiding sugar can be quite difficult, but our tips will make it a bit easier for you!


Avoid Drinks with Added Sugar

A can of Coca Cola contains 9 teaspoons of sugar – with that already being over the recommended maximum amount of 6 teaspoons of added sugar for women (9 teaspoons for men). 

It is best to completely avoid all kind of soft drinks, energy drinks and packaged coffee drinks. Even fruit juices are not recommended, since besides the natural sugars they contain, often additional sugar is added.  

Water is the best replacement (you can flavor it with fresh fruit), but also herbal teas do a good job. 


Avoid Any Form of Processed Foods

Try to cook with fresh ingredients as much as possible. This is the best way to fully avoid sugar. Instead of buying your pasta sauce, prepare it yourself. It doesn’t have to be a fancy bolognese, simmering for hours. There are many sauces that are ready in just a few minutes. You can also prepare your own jams – you’ll be surprised at how little sugar they need! 

But often you’ll also find yourself in a situation where you won’t have time to cook everything from scratch. Familiarize yourself with some of the most used names used for sugar and check the ingredients before you put something of your shopping cart. The more different versions of sugar are in there and the earlier their position in the list, the more you should avoid a product. 


Be Mindful of Your Breakfast

Many believe that a quick bowl of cereals is a healthy breakfast option, but in reality it is a sugarbomb. Replace your cereals with granola, but also here don’t forget to check the ingredients for added sugars. The best option would be to make your own granola, so you can fully control the amount of sugar – it is less work than you thinks, can be prepared in big batches and is actually healthy!


Choose Fresh Fruit Over Sweets

If you are craving something sweet, opt for fresh fruit instead of a piece of cake or a chocolate bar. While fruit does contain natural sugar, it comes with an abundance of fiber, vitamins and antioxidants which are all incredibly good for your body. 

Every beginning is difficult, especially trying to live a healthy lifestyle. But stick to it and after a while not consuming sugar or consuming less sugar will become natural to you. And after experiencing all the amazing benefits of consuming less sugar, you will never want to go back!


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