Winter Hikes around Budapest for the Christmas Holidays

If you need a little break in nature during the upcoming holidays, these hikes around Budapest are just the right escape for you! Enjoy the beautiful winter landscapes around Budapest and breathe in some fresh air.
Winter Hikes around Budapest for the Christmas Holidays

If you’ve had a lot of bejgl, you might want to use the days after Christmas to move a bit. Also if you love your family, but still need some time away, one of our winter hikes around Budapest is always a good option. Let nature’s calming effect work on you, fill your lungs with fresh air and clear your mind. 

That is why if you do not have the opportunity to go to a yoga studio in Budapest, or are looking for a form of exercise where your family can accompany you, our hikes around Budapest are the right solution for you.

You don’t have to go far to have some beautiful walks: the area around Budapest offers countless hiking opportunities. Some of them are longer and more strenuous, but there are also some that are shorter and more walkable, so they can be easily done with children or the elderly. Here are some of our favorites!


Teve-szikla, Pilisborosjenő 

A relatively easy, varied hike can be expected at the Teve-szikla. During the walk of about 10 kilometers you can admire the mountains of Pilis with the special rock formations of Teve-szikla, the eroded dolomite towers and the wonderful forests. There are also castle ruins known from Egri Csillagok, which we can also explore during the hike – the children will definitely enjoy it!


Kisoroszi szigetcsúcs

One of the easiest winter hikes around Budapest is Kisoroszi szigetcsúcs. There is no express hiking route here, but by staring and walking along the Danube, the whole family can discover the fantastic natural endowments of the area. The proximity of the water, the floodplains, the special trees will please everyone, and if you have a dog, it will be a special experience as your four-legged friend will definitely enjoy the trip along the shore.



Dobogókő, one of the best and most special hiking areas around Budapest, is also located in Pilis. And why is it so special? Well, in the spiritual world, Dobogókő is considered the heart chakra of the Earth. If you yourself are at home in this world this is certainly not news to you. Because of this, those who visit here often report that they are find some kind of strange serenity, and some feel that the place fills them with energy. 



Can you believe that you don’t even have to leave the border of Budapest for some hiking trails? In district XII  Ördög-orom (the Devil’s Ridge) and its biggest attraction, the Ördög-szószék (the Devil’s Cathedral), are located in the district. You can easily get there by tram. From here, the hiking trail itself is not far and the whole family will enjoy this hike around Budapest.




If you want a little high altitude air, then head to the highest point of Pest county, Csóványos! The 938-meter-high peak offers a beautiful panorama of the surrounding mountains and hills. Moreover, if the weather is clear, one can even see all the way to the Tatras from the lookout. The Királyréti Forest Railway can help you get there, which the children will especially enjoy. This hike is rather steep, so take this into consideration when making your decision.


From Hűvösvölgy to Solymár

Did you know that all of Hungary’s longest hiking trails touch Budapest? Section 14 crosses the Buda Hills for 14.2 km from Hűvösvölgy to Solymár. So this isn’t a short and easy hiking trail – although there are no big level differences – yet it is still not the best option for children and seniors. 


Nagy-Kopasz hegy

Whether you are planning a short or a long walk, Nagy-Kopasz hegy is the perfect choice – here you can choose which route fits your fitness level. In addition, it is the highest peak of the Buda Hills, with a lookout tower, so we have a fantastic view of the rest of the mountains.


Törökugrató, Budaörs

Budaörs is only a stone’s throw away from Budapest, and it is famous for its cliffs rising above the city – which you can of course hike to. That is why it had to be included in our best hikes around Budapest for the holidays: it is close, the distance and the gradient are suitable for beginners, and the view is breath-taking. And if climbing up to the rocks is not enough for you, then you can still continue your way to the Csíki Mountains.


Mátyás-hegyi kőfejtő

The perfect family program! The area around Mátyás and Remete Hill has many attractions for young and old alike – all in easily accessible places. Cave systems, breath-taking cliffs and a wonderful view: this is what awaits you if your path leads to these sights in Buda.


Get Your Hiking Boots On!!

We hope that you will try one of our favorite winter hikes around Budapest during the holidays and walk off all the Christmas cookies. And if not, those places are a good choice for a hike around Budapest during every season!


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