Yoga Trends 2022

Just like in fashion, make-up or food, also in sports different trends change from year to year. And the same is true for yoga. Let’s see which yoga trends will move the world in the year 2022!
Yoga Trends 2022

Even though yoga is a form of movement that is thousands of years old, this does not mean, however, that we don’t shape it into our own image in this modern age! But not only do we transform existing habits, it also often happens that we go back to elements of yoga that have been pushed into the background lately and thus a little forgotten. Let’s check out the yoga trends 2022 which you will encounter during class one way or another this year!


General Trends in Fitness

Not only in the world of yoga, but also in the world of fitness in general, we can experience changes from year to year. So first, let’s look at how different we’re going to train – whether it’s yoga, gymnastics or any other sport – this year!

One of the trends will be exercising or practicing yoga at home – it’s a leftover from the last two pandemic years. We’ve been less likely to go to classes and studios because of the virus, so we’re moving more and more in our living room based on videos or online broadcasts, and it won’t be any different this year. The same is true for outdoor training: these will still be very popular. However, the concept of mini-trainings of 5-10 minutes length is breaking into the world of sports as a completely new trend. It will be perfect for those with a busy lifestyle who don’t have time to train for an hour and a half.


A Holistic Approach is becoming more important

A holistic approach will emerge among the 2022 yoga and other sports trends. In recent years, we have seen a positive shift in people starting to move more and more for their health any wellbeing, not because of their appearance. At the same time, it is becoming increasingly important for people to really enjoy the sport they are doing – and this will help them achieve a long-term lifestyle change.

In the holistic fitness routine, you will find cardio and mind training, such as yoga. In addition to these, it is also important to include rest days. In short, it’s all about balance. So the workouts will only be about how well we feel both physically and mentally.


yoga trends 2022


Yoga Trends of 2022

Now let’s look at the yoga trends of 2022 that we will often encounter both in the best yoga studios in Budapest and online this year.

New Yoga Types are Rising

We all know hatha, bikram, or yin yoga. But what about aerial yoga or pole yoga? Those are new variations of yoga, which are becoming increasingly popular. And if you like these modern interpretations of yoga or not, they are here to stay.

Private Yoga Classes

The yoga trends for 2022 include private yoga classes. More and more people are curious about this soothing, moving and spiritual form of training, but many of them don’t really know how to get started. So they try to learn the basics of yoga with the help of private yoga classes. After a few classes, once they’ve gathered enough confidence, people often switch to group lessons. But in the meantime, this trend will continue!

More Men will do Yoga

For a long time, for some reason, yoga was thought to be more of a female movement – and that’s not the case at all! Traditions made no difference at all between the sexes. And today, fortunately, more and more people are seeing this, and with this, more and more people are freeing themselves from perceived gender roles. So also more and more men are feeling confident going to a yoga class. And this trend will continue in 2022.

Asanas and Breathwork

There will also be some positions and practices that we can see – and do – more in the studios than before.

One is Kapalabhati Pranayama, a breathing technique which strengthens the lungs and increases oxygen levels. With the current situation, it is quite clear why it is important. The same is true for Bhramari Pranayama, which affects the levels of oxygen in blood cells but also relieves the symptoms of migraines. Last year, we also saw more and practices based on holding hands. This will continue this year, according to the 2022 yoga agenda. This practice relieves anxiety and stress.

More and more people are starting to do yoga to achieve weight loss. And they’re right: in addition to the more positive effects of yoga, it also helps burn fat. One of the best practices for this is Surya Namaskar, so it will also be a favorite this year. Give it a try too!


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