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Editor’s Note: This studio is permanently closed. 

Colibri Jóga was established a couple of years back with two yoga studios. Unfortunately, one of these closed, but the other one is flourishing with a lot of knowledgeable, well-trained teachers and a really wide range of classes. The best thing is that you can find classes during the daytime as well, which is quite unusual if we look at the schedules of most yoga studios. This is great, because at least the chance for over-crowding is very low.

When looking through the types of classes, it becomes obvious that children are a big focus at this place: there are several classes that help children develop better motor function skills and there is a huge emphasis on prenatal and mother-baby yoga, too. Even better: these classes are mostly during the day, so the target audiences are cleverly separated: if you work during the day, you are most unlikely to go to a baby-mommy class, whereas fresh mothers have more of a chance to make it to class in the working hours. Apart from the focus on children, there are a lot of the usual classes: spine-, hatha-, and women’s yoga, too.

The yoga studio itself is a pleasant place to be in, with nice clean locker rooms and a design that is modern and clean, nothing too rustic or kitsch. While there could be a bit more natural light, you will never feel peculiar or claustrophobic – the clear, white colours of this Pest yoga studio will see to it!

Their workshops are far and wide some of the most well-organized ones (and here too, you can choose from a wide range of them,) but the most significant of these are the ones directed at tackling the management of auto-immune diseases. These workshops place focus on not only doing yoga, but the mental and emotional aspects of dealing with these illnesses, they are led by absolute pros, people who have also been dealing with their battle against auto-immune diseases and who found solace in yoga. In other words, the best people to learn from.

Colibri Jóga is a yoga studio that covers almost all the grounds when it comes to yoga, with friendly prices and a standard, good level of service – the knowledge of teachers is above and beyond and the community is very open. If it were a bit closer to the city center, we would definitely frequent it more often!

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