DownDog Yoga Corvin

Budapest, District 8, József Boulvard 60 floor #2 door #10, Hungary
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The good:
Really pro teachers who will focus on you during class.
The not so good:
It is hard to find English-speaking classes, so always ask ahead.
No-nonsense: it is all about the yoga and you here.

Yoga Yogi Editor's Rating

  • Atmosphere4.0
  • Cleanliness5.0
  • Location4.0
  • Price for value5.0
  • Service4.0

Review about DownDog Yoga Corvin

With five yoga studios in Budapest, you can be sure that these yogis know exactly what they are doing. Whether you are a complete beginner or you already know the ropes, DownDog Yoga Studio is a place where you’ll feel like the complete focus is on you and your inner improvement. “Why is that?” you might ask yourself. Well, the answer is easy: the yoga instructors in DownDog yoga pay extra attention to you. They gently guide you if they see you need it. Don’t worry, you’ll be in great hands. Everyone is super kind, so you can really get rid of the boring routine and participate in a wonderful community. Here, everyone seems to be at complete peace. You don’t need fancy yoga clothes or the knowledge of complicated yoga exercises. This is the place where you can 100% be yourself.

DownDog is among those yoga spots in Hungary where it is all about the yoga

Don’t expect a fancy interior or too many Zen ornaments. The focus here is on doing yoga properly and paying attention inwards, not admiring the furniture! It may seem a bit cold at first due to the lack of too many warm colors. However, once you get used to it and get to know the teachers, you’ll love it! Everything is simple and pure, no distractions. This means you can concentrate only on doing the yoga exercises. The classroom is not very big, so you have to register in advance, but you won’t feel overcrowded because there are beautiful big windows that let the natural light in.

As with most yoga spots in Hungary, there can be some issues with space in the changing rooms. In peak times, you might have a hard time changing into your normal clothes, hopping from one leg to another, trying to avoid bumping into someone.

The studio is reasonably priced, plus, you can use your pass in the other studios as well: the one in Oktogon, on Blaha Lujza Square, Margit Körút, or on the Buda side, in Márvány Street or Bartók Béla Way. This way, you get access to six yoga studios for the price of one!

Studio features

They have special classes, such as: Moon Cycle Yoga, Hip-Opening Vinyasa and Day-Starter Yoga
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