Jóga Placc

Budapest, District 13, Tahi utca 69, Hungary
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The good:
Cute reception area, great teachers and the possibility to use pass in the gym.
The not so good:
No classes during the early afternoon and sometimes in the mornings, registration is not automated.
With more classes, a better registration system and cleaner locker rooms and showers, it would be a marvellous studio!

Yoga Yogi Editor's Rating

  • Atmosphere4.0
  • Cleanliness2.0
  • Location3.0
  • Price for value5.0
  • Service4.0

Review about Jóga Placc

Located in the heart of Angyalföld, this 13th district yoga studio in Hungary is the little sister of a larger gym named Sport Placc. “Placc” is a Hungarian slang word meaning something along the lines: place, Square, area. The old school sounding of this word describes the studio quite precisely. Do you remember those old lockers in the changing room of old swimming pools, the metal ones? And the wooden benches with the worn-out polish? Well, the locker rooms in Jóga Placc are somewhat similar, taking us back to younger times of high school. Exactly when the changing rooms were loud from teenage girly gossip and boy banter.

Unfortunately, the showers also make us feel like we have sat in a time machine and gotten out at a different époque, because “pristine” is not what comes to mind. That is not to say that the showers are filthy, but truth be told, they could be cleaner.

A yoga studio in Hungary with a lot of potential

The waiting room or reception area is very charming and cheerful. It is one of those yoga spots in Hungary where there is just the right amount of decoration. Nothing too spiritual. The classroom itself is friendly, spacious and bright with natural light. It is a very pleasant place to be, especially when during the night they lit the candles: the atmosphere becomes mystical.

They rent the classroom space to other groups as well, so it may happen (pretty often) that there are no morning classes at all. Or, maybe one (not in the early hours, so people who work won’t be able to make it.) Although they offer the standard types of classes you may find at most places, it will be hard for you to make it your favorite class twice a week due to the low number of yoga classes.

Another hitch in the system is when you want to register for a class. There is no platform for this (again with the old-school…) You have to call or write a text message to the given phone number. When it comes to buying the passes, there is a huge benefit: you can use your occasions also at Sport Placc, the gym.

So, in summary: this yoga studio in Budapest has a lot of potential! There is a lot of space that could be used to build a whole yoga empire. Only the locker rooms need to be renovated and redesigned, and the registration system automated.

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