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Editor’s Note: This studio is permanently closed. 

There should really be more yoga studios where you can practise yoga outside – of course, the timeframe for this is limited due to weather conditions, but who wouldn’t want to relax and get fitter in the sunshine when spring is in the air and the grass is green? It is a truly transcendent experience to be so close to nature while performing the asanas, breathing in the fresh, crisp air and being guided by some of the warmest, most positive teachers you have ever met. Plus, there is an adorable patio where you can drink your tea after class and discuss whatever you’d like with your fellow yogis in a laidback and cheerful environment.

The studio was not built specifically for this aim, and it shows (not in a bad way, only it is obvious that this is originally a family house): the entrance and waiting area are more like a hallway and the classroom is like an attic bedroom. But, at least the atmosphere is very homey and helps you relax even faster, making the step out of your workplace and the daily commute a bit easier. There are beautiful lights everywhere to make the atmosphere relaxing and warm, and the décor indicates just sufficiently that you came here to do yoga and shut your stressy self off for an hour and a half. They have quite a vast array of class types also, so you can pick and choose the one you prefer – a great thing is that Naposkert (or Sunny Garden) offers a kind of “light-yoga”: it is easy on the joints and is not too demanding, so if you are recovering from an injury, or want to lose weight in a gentle manner, this will be excellent for you.

In terms of location, be prepared to make the trip because the place is located in Rómaifürdő, which means that even if you live on the Buda side (around the center), you’ll have to travel a bit to get here. It’s much easier if you are with car and there is no rush hour, but for people living in the center of Pest, it will be much harder to arrive to this garden of peace. So, for the previously mentioned Budapest residents, it might be a good idea to reserve this spot for doing yoga not on a daily basis, but rather visiting every now and again when the weather is amazing for some nature time!

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