Yoga Art Studio

Budapest, District 2, Zsigmond tér 13, Hungary
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The good:
Beautiful-wonderful-magical location with lots of class types!
The not so good:
It is a bit harder to get here than other places in the city center.
An amazing, classy yoga studio in Buda with more types of classes that you can choose from!

Yoga Yogi Editor's Rating

  • Atmosphere5.0
  • Cleanliness4.0
  • Location4.0
  • Price for value5.0
  • Service5.0

Review about Yoga Art Studio

Just opposite Margaret Island you can find a yoga studio in Budapest that makes it possible for you to step out of the city. Where to? Well, into the forest, with beautiful windows overlooking the woods. In the mornings, you can let the sunshine into your mind and body while participating in one of the Day Starter classes. During the evenings, you can usually choose from two types of classes.

The only problem is that all in all, there aren’t too many classes during the day. Actually, there are some days when there are no morning classes at all! Some weekends they only have relaxing yoga classes one day, but not the other. Which is a huge bummer, because the staff is always super kind and the atmosphere is great. The teachers have such a vast knowledge in what they are doing that here at YogaYogi, we would prefer to spend at least a couple of hours per day here.

One slight problem is that when it comes to communication via email or Facebook, messages can go unnoticed and unread for quite some time. This can make it pretty hard for you to plan ahead or to obtain the desired information. Or, in some cases, to register for class. The classrooms are not huge per se, but because of the beautiful windows and the light that seeps in, you won’t have the feeling of being overcrowded for a second. Locker rooms and the waiting area are cosy and clean (in terms of design and level of sanitation), making you feel comfortable and in a general good mood. All you need to do is breathe deep and concentrate on the yoga exercises.

A yoga studio in Budapest where art can step into the spotlight

Added bonus: the studio was named Yoga Art for a reason, of course. There are some workshops where you can let your imagination flow… In addition to practicing yoga and as a form of meditation, you can actually paint or draw to express yourself – therapy at its best!

To help you relax a bit more, they offer you a selection of herbal teas in adorable mugs. You can just lay back a bit and enjoy those moments of serenity and calm after yoga. Apart from classes, you can participate in workshops and events where usually the main profile is self-improvement and understanding our inner workings. So, if you are looking for a place where you can feel close to nature and where you can bring out your inner artist, don’t hesitate to take Yoga Art for a test run!

Studio features

They have artsy classes where you can also draw or paint. Plus, classes specifically for runners.
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