Ayurvedic Recipes for Winter

One of the most important aspects in the Ayurvedic tradition is nutrition. What we put into our stomach is what our cells are made of, it also affects our mood. For these long, dark, winter days, we have two warm, Ayurvedic recipes for winter for you. An almond drink and a pumpkin cream soup, including their beneficial effects from the point of view of Ayurveda.

Simple Ayurvedic Tips for Winter

The energies of the cold winter weather elevate the kapha dosha. The emphasis on the energies of earth and water additionally increases this dosha. Follow our Ayurvedic tips for winter to easier get through the cold, damp and dark period ahead!

Yogi Tea: How to Make It & Why It Is Good for You

This traditional yogi tea is a perfect way to hydrate, energize and at the same time provide your body with a lot of healthy components from all the spices used as ingredients. And on top of it, the tea has a delicious, warm flavor, that you will really enjoy!