Simple Ayurvedic Tips for Winter

The energies of the cold winter weather elevate the kapha dosha. The emphasis on the energies of earth and water additionally increases this dosha. Follow our Ayurvedic tips for winter to easier get through the cold, damp and dark period ahead!
Simple Ayurvedic Tips for Winter

To counteract the elevated kapha dosha during the cold season and to achieve balance in our bodies, we’ve brought you some ayurvedic tips for winter that will make it easier for you to get through these few months and stay healthy.

You have already read about the three doshas distinguished by Ayurveda. The properties of Kapha dosha are oily, cold, dull and dense. That’s why during winter we often tend to turn inward and feel like we have less energy than usual. We can easily become cold and show symptoms of colds due to excessive mucus formation.

Also the contrast between the dry warm air of the apartment and the cold and damp air outside can weaken the outer protective layers of our body. So the imbalance of Kapha can manifest itself in sinusitis and mucosal diseases. Considering the teachings of Ayurveda, we can counterbalance the negative effects introducing some of the opposite energies. So here are our Ayurvedic tips for winter!



The cold and solid qualities of kapha can be easily fought by various physical activities. Regular, everyday (even just a few minutes) exercise can help to keep the joints smooth and flexible. This can be running, hiking, or even yoga. Although the best yoga studios in Budapest are  temporarily closed, you can also find plenty of free online yoga practices on Youtube. This way, you can not only train your body but also your mind, an, as an additional bonus, you can avoid the symptoms of winter weight gain.


Get an Oil Treatment

One of the pancharma procedures, that is recommended in this case, is Nasya therapy. Dripping warm herbal oils into the nose dissolves the deposited secretions, so that colds and discharge-related diseases can be treated easier. During this period, we can also give ourselves an Abhyangam body treatment. Abhyangam body treatment accelerates the detoxification processes of the body, has a good effect on the nervous system, lubricates the joints and has an analgesic, regenerating effect.


Téli ayurvédikus tippek


Dress Warmly 

It is important to dress warm and in layers! In particular, make sure you always wear a cap to keep your ears warm, a scarf to protect your throat, and warm, well-insulated shoes to protect your feet. For people who are more prone to be cold vata and kapha types, a hot tub bath is recommended for warming up. To increase the effect, you can drip eucalyptus oil into the bath water.


Eat Right

Eating right is one of our most important Ayurvedic tips for winter. In winter, kapha types in particular have to pay attention to what foods they take in. Although Christmas is approaching and with it the consumption of sweets and cakes is increasing, it is still advisable for them to avoid heavy, sweet, kapha-type meals. This category includes pasta, potatoes, meats, cereals, including bread, and generally all goods made from refined flour.  Avoid too much sweet fruit, rice, eggs and dairy products. They can increase the feeling of heaviness in kapha type people. It is recommended to choose more stimulating, warming, spicy dishes. 

For people of the Vata and Pitta types on the other hand, these aforementioned types of meals like potatoes, meats and dairy products, provide extra nutrients and energy. During this winter, we should generally eat a lot of legumes

– such as lentils and beans, meat and fish bought from organic farming. Choose whole wheat baked goods and eat lots and lots of hot soups and vegetables during this period. A raw diet is not recommended. Also, make sure you provide your body with enough vitamins!


Relax and Unwind

Although the heaviness and laziness of Kapha may prevail over us, we should avoid daytime naps as much as possible – because this can further strengthen the lazy and heavy quality. As the days are shorter during this period, the twentieth dark evening period is an excellent opportunity to immerse yourself and relax. The winter months are a great time for spiritual practices. Meditate regularly to get closer to yourself and wait for spring, prepared, rich in health and energy.

A conscious lifestyle is simple, with just a little attention we can do a lot for our health and well-being! For more advice follow us on Facebook!



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