The 6 Best Vegetarian and Vegan Restaurants in Budapest – with Delivery

Are you trying to stick to a conscious lifestyle and a healthy diet even during lockdown in Budapest? Would you like to not to have to spend your evening cooking and cleaning up your kitchen for an evening or two? Luckily the food delivery business in Budapest is booming! Try out the delivery of some of the best vegetariand and vegan restaurants in Budapest!

Autumn Yoga Tips for Every Yogi

Autumn has not only arrived on the pages of the calendar, but also in the weather is changing. The days are getting shorter and the nights are getting cooler. For many a magical period is beginning now, but it is time to prepare our bodies and souls for change as well. So here are the autumn yoga tips from us for you. 

Yogi Tea: How to Make It & Why It Is Good for You

This traditional yogi tea is a perfect way to hydrate, energize and at the same time provide your body with a lot of healthy components from all the spices used as ingredients. And on top of it, the tea has a delicious, warm flavor, that you will really enjoy!

Fasting for Yoga Practitioners

Fasting means abstaining from eating, drinking or doing any other activity out of our own free will for a while. There is not necessarily religious reason for it, it is rather a way of developing self-discipline. Let us give you an overview of why to fasting, the good effects it has on your body and how to put it into practice. Stay with us!