Autumn Yoga Tips for Every Yogi

Autumn has not only arrived on the pages of the calendar, but also in the weather is changing. The days are getting shorter and the nights are getting cooler. For many a magical period is beginning now, but it is time to prepare our bodies and souls for change as well. So here are the autumn yoga tips from us for you. 
Autumn Yoga Tips for Every Yogi


In recent days, it has been felt that autumn has arrived. The transition period between summer and true autumn is best suited to prepare our bodies and souls for the cold weather. It is a great opportunity to slow down, reflect and deepen our awareness. Our autumnF yoga tips can also be easily incorporated into regular yoga practices and eating habits, so we can consciously and easily get past this sometimes-sometimes whimsical and changeable period.


Eat According to the Season

An important building block of a conscious lifestyle is a clean and conscious diet. According to Ayurveda, summer carries the energies of Pitta with warm, dry and light notes. That is why our bodies crave cooler and light foods like fruits and certain vegetables during this season. These are usually consumed fresh and raw. With the arrival of autumn, the energies of Vata dosa begin to dominate, to which the cool and dry qualities match.

We can still consume chilling vegetables and fruits in their raw form as long as they are available to us, but let’s start to slowly getting used to the seasonal food. At the beginning of the cooler weather, you should eat a lot of seasonal vegetables, such as roots, pumpkins, grapes, brussels sprouts, potatoes, nuts, beets, as these are all abundant on store shelves. Make hot soups, vegetables, fried vegetables. Last but not least, a delicious warm apple compote can be a great choice to satisfy your craving for sweets, as the autumn apple season is coming soon. Don’t forget to add cinnamon, which is one of the most important spices in Ayurveda.

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Autumns Yoga Tips – Yoga Poses for Cooler Times

For cool autumn days, your body will need a little extra support, and this period is a great time to prepare for it. Strengthen your immune system and cleanse yourself of excess energy. Perform balancing and grounding poses. A great choice for this is, for example, the tree pose, forward leaning poses – i.e. Uttanasana, Parsvakonasana, the warrior pose and the eagle pose.


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Reschedule Your Days

The quality of Vata’s energies in the autumn season extends to us, because what appears in nature is also present in man. Focus your attention inward, ground yourself and gather energy for the winter. A more stressful period has begun as we have all returned to work and school again, where there are plenty of tasks ahead of us.

However, it is important to always make time for yourself during this period as well. The best yoga studios in Budapest are still waiting for everyone! We wish everyone good practice and autumn immersion.



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