Easy Yoga Poses for Beginners

So, you decided to start doing yoga. You have heard of asanas and bending, twisting postures, but you have no idea what kind of acrobatics you are supposed to carry out? Let us soothe your worry with these easy yoga poses, ones that you’ll most probably come across during class!
Easy Yoga Poses for Beginners

Child’s Pose

This is one of the easiest yoga poses for beginners, it’s comfy and it stretches you nicely, too! This pose helps you start on the route to relaxation by lowering you to the ground, stretching your back and arms, your abdomen resting on your thighs, giving you a wonderfully snug feeling.



Cat and Cow Pose

An amazing workout for your back, allowing for your muscles to feel a bit more alive after sitting all day in the office. They are not strenuous poses at all, your arms and hands will not be under a lot of pressure, which means that these are great poses for people with injuries. So, how does it go? Easy: your hands and knees on the yoga mat, keep your back straight and your abs tight.

Always concentrate on your breathing because both poses and the changes between them rest on this: when you exhale, try to make a “C” with your back, pointing your spine towards the sky your chin towards your stomach. When you inhale, do the opposite: an arch of your back and relaxing your abs. To get to the next yoga pose, you will need to do this, otherwise the next one might be a bit too demanding from your muscles and joints!


Downward-Facing Dog

Maybe one of the most well-known yoga postures, we often hear people mention it (actually, one of the best yoga studios in Budapest is also named so). When it comes to functionality and level of difficulty, it belongs to the category where the carrying out of the pose is not hard, but its number of benefits is extremely high. This pose helps stretch everything: your back, your arms, your shoulders, your hamstrings (which play a very important role in the management of back and waist pain)… The Downward-Dog is a posture that, if learned properly, can deliver all of these benefits while strengthening your core, arms and legs, too.



To carry out this easy yoga pose for beginners, start on hands and knees, your hands facing straight on and a bit further out away from their position under your shoulders. Next, lift up your knees and push your palms down while you lift your hips- you should look like an upside-down “V”. Very slowly, you can start to move your feet, one after the other, and try and touch your heels to the floor, while keeping your knees straight. This is the harder part, especially if you are brand new to yoga, so don’t think that it’ll happen n a couple of rounds! Give yourself time.


The Easiest of Easy Yoga Poses: Corpse Pose

As you might imagine, this pose looks exactly the way it sounds, but rest assured, you’ll still be breathing! It may seem like during this pose, you aren’t doing anything, there is more going on than meets the eye! First off, you have to achieve the state of complete relaxation, your arms laid out next to you with palms facing the ceiling, your feet like logs in a comfy pose where you will not move them for 2-5 minutes. The key here is to close your eyes and listen inwards, relaxing even your face and eyelids to achieve a state of meditation (or something in the ballpark). This is the perfect stress-relieving yoga pose on the block!


If you’d feel more comfortable practicing these easy yoga poses for beginners under the guidance of an experienced yoga teacher, check out some of Budapest’s best yoga studios and pay a visit to your favorite!


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