The Best Yoga Mats for Each Type of Yogi

Thickness, material, quality and price are just some of the things you have to consider after you have finally decided to take that leap and buy your very own yoga mat. You no more have to spend on renting, and let’s not even get into the hygienic issues of shared mats… In this list, you’ll find the best yoga mats for your yoga lifestyle
The Best Yoga Mats for Each Type of Yogi

For the Absolute Newbie Yogi

There are so many yoga mats for beginners out there. One of the most important things you need to think about is, first off, how many times per month are you going to roll out your mat? If you plan on attending yoga classes twice or more times a week, you have to consider buying a truly good quality mat, since you’ll be using it a lot. Those with bad quality materials might come cheaper, but in the long run, will wear out faster. You’ll have to replace them more often and consequently, end up paying the same or more.

Another, crucial point in buying your first ever yoga mat is whether you have sensitive joints. You can test this easily by lowering yourself to your hands and knees on the floor – do your knees hurt? If yes, you are probably better off with a mattress that is 5 mm or thicker. Try to find ones that have a non-slip finish; this way your feet and hands won’t be sliding around, causing you to tire faster.



The Best Yoga Mats for Hot-Headed Yogis

If you take Bikram yoga classes in Budapest like they are M&M’s, you need to consider many factors when buying a yoga mat. During these classes, you sweat a lot, which makes most regular yoga mats slippery. So the usual way to go is to put a large towel on the yoga mat to prevent this.

Nowadays, however, they came up with combo mats, which serve also as towels. The top layer is usually made out of micro-thread PVC and the bottom out of something that sticks it to the ground, like kauchuk, so you can stay safe. The best part of these combo yoga mats is that they can be thrown into the wash machine, which let’s face it, is a key standpoint when it comes to hygiene. We here at YogaYogi love these combo mats, because they are so practical!


For the Green Yogi

Eco-friendly yogis will definitely make an effort not to buy yoga mats that contain plastic. So if you want to find eco-friendly yoga mats in Budapest, don’t fret – you have options! You will find awesome yoga mats made out of good quality natural rubber, cotton or jute that are non-toxic and completely environment friendly.

The great thing is that since there is a huge variety of these yoga rugs, you’ll be able to find one suited to your needs in thickness, durability and design. Just look for the material they are made of and continue narrowing down from there!



Mats for the Tiny Yogis

The sooner your children start doing yoga, the better. Why not encourage them with their very own yoga mat? There are so many cute designs to choose from! The mat itself could be a nice motivation for the kids to take a liking to yoga.

The main aspects here are that you should buy a mattress that is smaller than those for adults. It will make it easier for your child to carry and for him/her to find place properly on it. Another important factor is to have a durable, strong material that is non-slip – the coordination and movement of children is often not as developed, so a slippery mat can be more dangerous. And, most important of all: choose the mat together! It’ll allow them to get excited about it and to really have one that they adore.

If you would like to read more about yoga accessories and what they are used for, check out our guide!


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