The Five Principles of Yoga to Achieve Harmony

Yoga is more than an exercise. It is a lifestyle that covers all areas of our existence. The five principles of yoga show us the right way to achieve the balanced, peaceful life we ​​desire for everyone. 
The Five Principles of Yoga to Achieve Harmony

The five principles of yoga are essential to achieve a better quality of life and higher levels of consciousness. Before presenting them in detail, I would quote the words of Swami Visnu, who played a major role in spreading yoga in the USA:

“Health is wealth, a calm mind is happiness. Yoga shows the way to this: good exercise (asana), regular breathing (pranayama), proper relaxation (acidana), proper diet (vegetarian), positive thinking (vedanta) and meditation (dhyana)

Yoga philosophy teaches that the real man is not the same as his body but the immortal self.To some extent, according to the one’s degree of spiritual development, all people are aware of this. They know that they are just occupying and using the body as a tool.” (Swami Visnu Devananda – yoga master and famous peace activist)


The Five Principles of Yoga


  1. Proper Exercise:

    The exercises of yoga are the asanas, which means a motionless, enduring posture. There is no strong muscle work in the exercises. Its purpose is to stretch the muscles, increase the flexibility of the body, and increase ability of the mind to focus. Exercising improves circulation, so the nerves get more nutrients and oxygen, and the endocrine glands and organs also function at optimum.

  2. Regular Breathing

    In other words, yoga or pranayama, which means the control and extension of prana (life energy). The purpose of breathing exercises is to control the rhythm of breathing, because the steady, controlled circulation of prana creates a calm, balanced state of mind. Learning and practicing proper yoga breathing may help prevent certain diseases.

  3. Proper Relaxation:

    In today’s fast-paced world, both our bodies and minds are overwhelmed, reducing their effectiveness. For them to work properly, we need rest, which is a natural way to relax and unwind. Let’s take time for ourselves and do activities that turn us off and recharge. Let’s save our energy.

  4. Healthy Eating:

    A conscious nutrition, i.e. a diet based on simple, clean and natural foods that can be easily and quickly digested and support health, should be followed. The more “alive” a food is, the healthier it is. By consuming fresh vegetables, fruits and seeds, we can do a lot for our body. Avoid processed, refined and overcooked foods because these processes reduce the value of nutrients and sometimes add harmful ingredients.

  5. Positive Thinking and Meditation:

    When during meditation our attention is directed inward and our mind is silenced, we connect with our true selves. Higher states of consciousness connect us to our infinite and eternal existence. This peace and tranquility permeates us as a whole. Scientific experiments prove that thoughts affect our bodies as well as the reality we perceive. If we steer our thoughts in a positive direction and focus on what we want, we are moving huge forces. Our feelings always show us the right way. And the ultimate goal is to achieve an unconditional state of love, as that really makes us all free.

Adhering to the 5 principles of yoga is not always easy and needs much learning. But step by step it is possible to achieve harmony of your body, mind and life. To get the guidance of an experienced teacher on your path to yogic harmony visit one of the best yoga studios in Budapest. Every path is easier to walk with like-minded company!


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