Yoga During Pregnancy

Yoga during pregnancy can improve the mood, lessen the shortness of breath that can occur in the third trimester and it has a beneficial effect on swollen ankles. It is an excellent opportunity for any woman to connect with the developing fetus and help prepare for motherhood. But there are some important things you should know before practicing yoga while pregnant!
Yoga During Pregnancy

The best yoga studios in Budapest offer plenty of classes for expectant mothers. These yoga classes are great opportunities for future mothers to spend time with each other and share their experiences and concerns. However you surely have some questions about what exercises can be done safely during pregnancy.


Why Is Yoga Recommended during Pregnancy?

Yoga during pregnancy can be helpful in many ways. This gentle and light form of movement helps maintain shape, improves endurance and flexibility, and helps prevent back and low back pain. Different asanas can help build stamina, pranayama breathing exercises help to master the proper breathing that may be much needed during labor.

And meditation exercises help to turn inward, improve relaxation and concentration skills. In yoga classes, every woman can learn to tune in with her own bodyand get to know it’s reactions. 

If you have never practiced yoga or gained little practice in this field before your pregnancy, it is recommended to only do yoga exercises that are explicitly labeled as maternity yoga. If you have previously been a regular practitioner with the appropriate level of training, you can continue your usual yoga practice during pregnancy with modifications after the first trimester.

In the first trimester, both beginner and experienced moms are advised to only do light exercises. The risk of miscarriage is greatest during this period because the fetus is not yet fully implanted.


yoga during pregnancy


The Three Trimesters

First Trimester (weeks 0-13)

The first trimester is filled with mixed emotions for most women. They can feel a lot of joy and a lot of discomfort during the first weeks of their pregnancy. Most women experience nausea and fatigue. The body begins to prepare for the coming period, during which biological and locomotor changes will occur.

If your doctor also thinks it is safe, it is advisable to start maternity yoga in the first trimester despite the fatigue. However, avoid any inverted, twisting, jumping exercises – instead step back and move gently. Experienced yoga practitioners should be sure to consult with their instructors about adjusting poses.

Second Trimester (Weeks 14-28)

Most women begin maternity yoga in the second trimester. Moms often feel full of energy. The tummy is not very big at this time, so almost any (adjusted) exercise can be done with or without yoga equipment. As the body’s energy intake increases greatly, it is recommended to eat a light meal and enough fluids one hour before exercise to avoid a sudden drop in blood sugar.

Third Trimester (Weeks 29–40)

By the third trimester, the body has already undergone tremendous changes and the baby’s movement is getting stronger. Breathing can become increasingly difficult, and the extra weight and round tummy make it harder to maintain balance in some postures. During this period, the use of yoga equipment is already strongly recommended. Some experts say back exercises are no longer recommended during this period.

For women who persevere in maternity yoga and pay attention to the signs in their bodies, this period is also a good opportunity to increase stamina and courage. Pregnancy is a period of change, an opportunity to turn a sense of weakness into strength.


yoga during pregnancy


Daily yoga exercises prepare you for childbirth both mentally and physically. It teaches us to listen to the signs of our bodies and trust in its wisdom. Deeper intimacy with the body allows expectant mothers to rely more on their intuition rather than their rational thinking.

The best yoga studios in Budapest provide expert help for all expectant mothers who would like to practice yoga safely during their pregnancy. We wish all present and future mothers good health and much joy from their little one.



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