Yoga Poses for Beginners – Get Started!

You may not have known about it, but there are yoga poses that are especially beneficial and comfortable for beginners as well. Try them out, get a little routine and start enjoying how your body and soul are transformed after a yoga class!
Yoga Poses for Beginners – Get Started!

Many people may not dare to embark on the harmonious and energizing path of yoga because they have no idea where to start. They don’t know where, when, what, and most importantly, what they should do during a yoga class. Yoga poses for beginners are just what they need!

Yoga is a fantastic form of exercise that virtually anyone can do. It doesn’t matter how old you are, what your physical abilities are. After all, with yoga poses for beginners, anyone can embark on a magical journey! But what exactly does this look like? We’ll show you!


Yoga: How to Start?

One solution is to look for a yoga class for beginners. The best yoga studios in Budapest offer solutions for those who have never tried this form of exercise before. In this case, the formula is simple: you put on comfortable clothes in which you feel good, grab your yoga mattress, and go to class.

But what about those who are shy and therefore prefer to practice at home at first? Or with those who, while eager to start a group class, want to prepare for what awaits them there? Our yoga poses for beginners are just what you need!


Tips to Get Started

If you are determined and want to practice some perfect yoga poses for beginners, now is your chance! However, before we try the mountain pose, also called tadasana, let’s take a look at everything we should think about before embarking on a “yoga class” at home!

First, it is important to create a harmonious, comfortable place where you have enough space, where you can practice undisturbed and where you can calm your mind. In the beginning it may also come in handy to have a wall surface or something next to you that can help you keep your balance at first. If you feel like it, you can accompany your practice with some calm music and scented candles. 

You will also need some comfortable sportswear – no shoes needed though, as yoga is typically practiced barefoot. In addition, you only need a yoga mat, which will make your practice much more comfortable.

Our yoga poses for beginners are easy to pick up and endure even for those who have never stood on a yoga mat before. Not only can they help you get started with yoga, but because they are relatively easy, they can also give you a strong sense of success even after your first practice. We guarantee: you will soon get a taste for yoga and you will feel even more inclined to practice!


Yoga Poses for Beginners (5 + 1)


1. Standing Forward Bend or Uttanasana

This pose stretches the spine and back muscles, but even invigorates the nervous system! All you have to do is stand up straight with our hands on our hips and then lean forward when you exhale. It is important to do this from the hips while pulling and lengthening your torso. Try to keep your knees straight and to get deeper into the pose with each exhale!

standing forward bend yoga poses for beginners


2. Garland Pose or Malasana

This position may seem quite comfortable at first, but believe me, there is work behind it! It starts by squatting with your feet not quite mat’s width apart. 

Open our knees to the side, making sure they are wider than our torso. Then, as you exhale, you lean forward slightly from your torso while your heels stay on the ground all the way and your elbows press against the inside of your knees while closing your palms. 

With this exercise, not only will our abdomen be tightened, but your core muscles as well!


3. Triangle Pose or Trikonasana

The name of this yoga pose is quite self-explanatory: our body resembles a triangle as it is performed. The exercise has a detoxifying effect while comfortably stretching the upper body. 

The goal is to lean sideways with your head and arms outstretched while turning your hips backwards and pushing your soles toward the ground.

triangle pose yoga poses for beginners

4. Plank or Kumbhakasana

The plank might be a familiar exercise for you, even if you are not a regular yoga practitioner. This is because it is used in gyms, in home fitness workouts and in countless types of sports. It develops the abdominal and back muscles, but also strengthens the whole body, wrists and arms. 

Hold your body up, with just our palms and toe tips parallel to the ground so that our body remains completely straight. This sounds simple, but it actually takes a lot of strength, so clench your teeth!

plank yoga poses for beginners


5. Seated Forward Bend or Paschimottanasana

This pose is said to have a number of beneficial health effects on the body, from relieving stress through stretching the spine to stimulating ovarian activity. 

Sit on the ground with our legs outstretched and then lean forward from our hips. Then stretch your back by moving your tailbone away from our pelvis. The goal is to reach our feet, but it’s okay if that doesn’t work out for the first time – or even the third, fourth…. The point is to practice!


+1 Mountain Pose or Tadasana

Tadasana seems to be the simplest of all. At first glance, it’s like the yoga practitioner is just standing still, even though it’s not that simple at all! This is an active pose, as it improves posture, strengthens the legs, abdomen and buttocks while “standing”. It can even reduce back pain if done right. 

Distribute your weight evenly while holding a straight posture and pulling in your abdomen or lifting your toes, stretching them, and then placing them back on the mattress one by one.

mountain pose yoga poses for beginners

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