Your Own Cocoon: Aerial Yoga in Budapest

No worries, you absolutely do not have to be an acrobat to be able to practice this branch of yoga. Even though it looks super extreme, believe us: you will be able to go and enjoy class. Aerial yoga in Budapest is an up-and-coming way to relax and have a great time – here are the best classes!
Your Own Cocoon: Aerial Yoga in Budapest

Aerial Yoga Hungary

One of the best yoga studios in Budapest, it is located right in the city center in any easily accessible location. When we say they have all the aerial yoga classes, we are not joking! From a “simple” aerial yoga class for beginners, you can find ones that use accessories such as a trapeze or classes that are perfect for stretching your spine and other problem areas.

If you have ever heard of Gulyás Lara, or her classes, you know what to expect: a studio that is based on complete professionalism and vast knowledge of everything aerial yoga. What’s more, Aerial Yoga Hungary has a very well-thought-out chart that points you in the direction of the best anti-gravity yoga class for you, according to your level. On the timetable, they indicate the language too. And, they have quite a lot of English speaking aerial yoga classes. They also think about moms-to-be: they have a couple of prenatal air yoga classes per week.



Aerial Yoga in Budapest with a Twist of the Pole: Akropoleisz

Ladies, listen up! This place is mainly for you, since they also offer pole dancing (for kids as well, wow!). They also have many, many other classes apart from aerial yoga. (By the way, if you want to compete in this area, they do have classes that prepare you…FYI.) The great thing is that in this specific matter, they are very professional, and you have a lot of anti-gravity yoga classes to choose from: aerial silk, stretching, trapeze… just take a pick and book a place.

Your first time here is cheaper, so you can see if you like it or not and decide afterwards, but the vibes of this place are so relaxed and friendly that we are sure that you will be returning! One thing we absolutely love is the fact that they give you advice on what to wear to each class (which you will see on the website). This studio is located near Déli Pályaudvar. So, if you live in Buda and are looking for an aerial yoga studio nearby, you have found your new favorite place to become a fitter version of yourself!



While pronouncing this name might not be the easiest, finding the studio is, since it is right in the city center (not far from the aforementioned Aerial Yoga Hungary). Aleskaaerial is led, and classes, workshops are taught by some of the most famous European Champions in this area. Plus: they have also had a taste with performing in the circus! Of course, this means that they have unequivocal knowledge in hoop and trapeze aerial yoga.

If you want to learn from the best, the choice is easy. When it comes to hosting special events like bachelorette parties or birthdays, they are also in the business of teaching shorter courses that uncover all the basic moves and important things to know about this artful form of movement. It is great, because if you want to, you can keep this sport on a hobby level. However, in case you decide that you want to compete and try yourself in the “ring,” they will help you with mentoring and preparation. Looking for a new challenge? Why not try one of these?



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