Samadhi Jóga

Budapest, 13. kerület, Dráva Street 17., Hungary
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Lélegzetelállító stúdió, csodálatos tanárokkal!
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Egy kicsit messzebb van a város központtól.
Samadhi Yoga is the studio that is born when someone wants to give and spend the best quality on it.

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  • Helyszín4.0
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  • Tisztaság5.0

Leírás Samadhi Jóga

If someone wants to provide a high-quality service, they will invest money in their project. Samadhi Yoga Studio is the best example of this: the three-storey yoga studio overlooks the Danube with a tea room offering breathtaking views of the area (such as Margaret Island and the hills) as well as all the class types that yoga studios can only recommend. They have two classrooms which means they offer many types of classes and the amazing thing is that five and ten are suitable for season tickets, there is no time limit given until they need to be used.

As you arrive at the studio, you will be greeted with warmth and a beautiful, clean interior – you will really feel like you are in the right place to focus perfectly on yourself and relax and leave the studio like a new person. The tea is a real extra: after class you can still “take” some time off and meditate quietly, no need to hurry, change quickly and go…

Not only is it a place that’s amazing, but they’ve recently started offering a new kind of watch that’s really something special: yoga dream. Do yoga in Budapest… in an enchanted forest! This hour begins half an hour after sunset, the lights are turned off and illuminated by UV light: you will see different forms of animals and an enchanted forest, you will feel like you have fallen asleep and woke up in a fairy tale!

Important note: these classes are very popular, so they fill up quickly, you definitely need to log in!

As mentioned above, the only minor problem with this high-quality yoga studio is that it falls out of the city centre a little bit: it takes at least 20 minutes to get here by public transport from the Western Railway Station. The good news is, on warm summer days, they have super air conditioning, so you won’t melt during class!

Conclusion: if you are looking for one of the best yoga studios in Budapest, you have to try Samadhi Yoga, no excuses!

Studio features

Yoga Dream, which is a new and exciting class conducted in the dark with UV lights.
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