A Sound Bath in Hungary

Most yoga practitioners know about the soothing effect of singing bowls. But have you already heard about sound baths with the world’s largest singing bowl in Hungary? We’ve visited it and tried out what a real sound bath is like…
A Sound Bath in Hungary

A sound bath is a meditation and relaxation technique, where the participants “bathe” in a variety of soothing sound waves from various sources, from drums, human voices to singing bowls, wrapped in their vibrations. Sound baths and these vibrations are said to calm the participants down, reduce stress and some even say they can help to relieve pain.

And while Hungary is already famous for its landscapes, traditions and food, it might be surprising that you can also find one of the best places for a sound bath here: Garáb, a little known gem in the Cserhát region, just about 75 km north-east of Budapest. 

This small settlement with only 46 permanent residents is one of the most beautiful and highest villages in the area, located in the East-Cherhát Landscape Protection Area, 375 meters above sea level. Easily accessible by car it can be reached in about an 1 hour from the capital.

However, we visited the place not only because of its beauty but also for its uniqueness. This is where the world’s largest singing bowl is located. And after a two-hour sound bath, we left with an unforgettable experience.


garden worlds largest singing bowl


A True Spiritual Place for a Sound Bath in Hungary

Driving towards Garáb on winding forest roads, we couldn’t imagine what would await us. For overnight stays it is worth arranging accommodation in time, as we have done, because the friendly and well-equipped guest houses are well booked. Arriving at the Grabensia Guesthouse on Monday afternoon, we were received with a warm welcome.

After a pleasant lunch, we visited the garden full of buddhist statues, prayer mills and a Japanese bath. It is easily accessible on foot from the guesthouse. Usually this is only possible at a pre-arranged time with a tour guide, but guests staying in one of the guest houses have unlimited access. In the same garden, at the top of the hill, is a kind of sanctuary where the sound baths are held. Going up the stairs we immediately feelt the immense calm and peace which permeate the space.

During our tour, we walked through the garden and then performed a Buddha ritual with the candles and incense we received there. This ceremony is very similar to Hindu puja ceremonies.


A Sound Bath with the World’s Largest Singing Bowl

With the help of the friendly receptionists we were able to immediately register for the next two-hour sound bath, which was held for us by Bogdán Fülep. As an introduction, we started with relaxation and then bathed in a cavalcade of wonderful sounds created by the huge singing bowl and several small ones. Time flew almost like that. The sound of singing bowls have always filled me with a special feeling, but the sound of the huge Samsara sound bowl provides an unparalleled experience.

“If we accept that sound is actually vibration, and we know that vibration affects every part of our physical reality, then we understand that we hear sound not only with our ears, but with every cell in our body. One of the reasons for the physical healing power of sound is that it touches and transforms us so deeply on an emotional and spiritual plane. Sound balances the imbalance at all levels of our physical functioning and has a positive effect on the treatment of virtually any health complaint. ” (Dr. Mitchell Gaynor)

The sound bowl is 233 cm in diameter and weighs 2.7 tons. It resonates for more than 6 minutes after being hit. At the end of the sound bath, we also had the opportunity to climb inside the pillow lined sound bowl, which then was hit three times. After the therapy, the space was filled with life, the vibration of the energy in the air was almost visible. After two fleeting hours we felt like we had been changed and we set off to dinner energetically and cheerfully.


prayer mills worlds largest singing bowl hungary


We have had an experience of a lifetime and will definitely return to this wonderful place. In the meantime, Bogdan’s gifted stones remind us that we should never lose our divine reality. It has always been in us and always will be. We just have to find it. And if we find it, we will find ourselves and live a conscious, happy life.

We would like to take this opportunity to thank the owner, our dear tour guide and all the people who worked there for making our days more beautiful. We wish them much successes, and we wish you dear Yogis, a good trip and a pleasant stay!

And in the meantime, check out the best yoga studios in Budapest, some of which also incorporate the sound of singing bolws in their classes.


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