Singing Bowl Therapy: How to Harmonize Your Chakras

According to Hinduism the entire universe began with a single sound. Singing bowl are a tool is closely related to this belief. Even today it is used for many meditations and relaxation exercises. Let’s see why!
Singing Bowl Therapy: How to Harmonize Your Chakras

The origin of the singing bowls goes back to ancient times in Tibet. We do not have too much written evidence of its use, but India’s oldest literary monuments, the Vedas, already mention the bowls. They are still used today before many meditation practices, as they help to calm the mind, increasing the effectiveness of meditation and its beneficial effects on the body.


The Singing Bowl as a Sound Device

Every sound is a vibration. Water, which makes up 70% of the human body and 90% of our brain, conducts sound four times as well as air.  The beneficial vibrations of the sound bowl thus reach every point of our body quickly and efficiently. We’ve already talked about the importance of water here.

Singing bowls were initially an integral part of meditations, but today their use is becoming more widespread. With their help, various therapeutic treatments can be performed, so their role in naturopathy is also growing. With the help of the singing bowl, even our drinking water is said to be easily energized, which is also shown in the accompanying video, but it can also be used for space cleaning, treatment of plants and animals.


Harmonize Your Chakras!

[youtube v=”uQWBA8q8JEs”]


In addition to giving us a pleasant and vibrant feeling, our vibrations are able to adjust our bodies, thus restoring our energy system. The vibrations emitted by the singing bowl travel throughout our body as they enter it. If we are well and do not have energy blocks, then sound vibrations flow easily. Sound therapy treatments help to experience inner peace, relaxation, harmony, and enhance the body’s ability to heal itself. Through their regular use, they strengthen the immune system, increase creativity and the ability to concentrate. It is also excellent for calming children.

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