Charity in Budapest: Organizations that Help

There are many Charity organisations in Budapest helping those in need. If you want to contribute, it’s not always easy to find the right one. That’s why we would like to introduce some of them to you, so you can decide which one you would like to support!
Charity in Budapest: Organizations that Help

Especially around Christmas time, charity is important. Whether it’s giving gifts to the less fortunate, cooking food for the homeless, or just surprising a dog shelter with food and blankets, all the help comes in handy. 

However, before we dive into where and how we can do charity work in the capital, we consider it important to mention that help – in whatever form it comes in – is important at every time during the year, not just around Christmas. So even if the holidays are over soon, don’t let that keep you from helping others!

Volunteers are working in increasing numbers and more and more organizations strive make the lives of the less fortunate a bit easier. This means that those who want to help have many options. But what exactly are they? Now we are showing some of the charities in Budapest!


Cipősdoboz Vár

We certainly need not present the annual Baptist charity service to anyone. The Shoe Box promotion is already offering 389 donation points this year to those who want to make the Christmas of some children in need more beautiful. If you want to be one of them, all you have to do is find a shoebox in good condition and fill it with everything a child can enjoy. Stationery, toys, sweets, hygiene items, books: you decide what you enjoy.

So this promotion takes place not only in Budapest, but all over the country, and this year you can even put together a shoe box online if you don’t have time to go to one of the donation points, but you want to help.


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The campaign of the Hungarian Ecumenical Relief Organization is also waiting for donors year after year, on several platforms. One option is to call the donation line 1353, so you can support families in need with HUF 250 per call. But you can also help in person: the Advent Day Donation Shop opened at the Basilica Fair. There are two stalls here, one where you can buy handcrafted gifts and the other where you can find wonderful gingerbreads that volunteers make to thank people for their donations.

What’s more, the country’s largest holiday collaboration has made it even easier to help this year: you can already do something good by shopping at TESCO stores if you buy the organization’s coupons.


Food Not Bombs Budapest

Food Not Bombs is an international organisation that is present in Budapest. The FNB Budapest team gathers every Saturday to rescue food in some of the city’s markets that is supposed to be thrown away but is still in perfect condition. (We don’t want to think about how much food goes into the trash every day that we could use without any problems!) Then the ingredients are made into dishes on Sunday, which then are distributed among the needy – thus connecting the pleasant with the useful.

So, if you want to spend a Sunday usefully – and not necessarily lazily – join the event, the details of which can be found on their Facebook page . Peel, slice vegetables, help wash dishes, process cooking leftovers, and in the afternoon distribute food to those in need!


Budapest Bike Mafia

The Budapest Bike Mafia works all year round to help where it can for the less fortunate. They organize various events where different donations are usually expected: sandwiches, ready meals, fruit, blankets, warm clothes and other useful things. Once the donations have been collected, their volunteers hop on a bike and take them to temporary hostels or warm-ups.

This year, the 10-year-old organization is also active at Christmas, when more collections will be organized. To stay up-to-date, follow their Facebook page !


Kutyaovi Egyesület

We must not forget that it is not just people who need help. In Hungary (unfortunately) there is a great need for the work of animal shelters, as countless abandoned animals need their help. We are reluctant to select one of them, as all of them need donations, but the Dog Association will hold a special Christmas promotion this year on December 12th. Then anyone can take their donations to the puppies – be it toys, food or blankets – but they can also buy support products, such as mugs, to help keep the organization running.


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