Get to Know the Diamond Way Buddhist Center in Budapest

With a growing interest in Buddhist philosophy more and more related communities are formed in Hungary. One of the largest and best known of them is the Diamond Way Buddhist Center in Budapest in the 7th district.
Get to Know the Diamond Way Buddhist Center in Budapest

In recent decades, Eastern culture, Eastern cuisine and Eastern religions as well as philosophies have become increasingly popular in the West. With that also various Buddhist communities, stupas as well as meditation centers and yoga studios have made their way to Hungary. One of them is the Diamond Way Buddhist Center in Budapest.

They are one of the largest and most significant communities of this kind in the  country and they provide countless options for everyone who is interested in learning more about Buddhism. Additionally they organize many events to promote this complex philosophy, introducing Hungarians to many new experiences and lessons. 


The Diamond Way

Like with most religions, there are several branches of Buddhism. Within Tibetan Buddhism four major schools can be distinguished: Geluk, Kagyu, Nyingma and Sakya. In the Diamond Way Buddhist Center primarily the traditions of Kagyu are followed, with the greatest emphasis on meditation. The main goal is to recognize the nature of consciousness through mahamudra, meaning the reality of nonduality. 

The origin of the name is best explained in the words of the Diamond Way Buddhist Center itself. “The teaching of the Buddha is like a diamond: it is immutable in nature, yet it shines in the colours of the things behind it. The teachings were thus adapted to the cultures of different societies and ages without losing their essence. They were handed over in India for 1,500 years and then in Tibet for another thousand years. Today, Diamond Way Buddhism’s boundless vision and methods are becoming increasingly popular among educated and independent people in the West. ” 


Diamond Way Centers Worldwide

The center of the Diamond Way Buddhist Community established in Budapest is not the only one! In fact there are now more than 700 Diamond Way Buddhist centers in the West that follow the Karma Kagyu tradition. “These centers were founded and run by Lama Ole Nydahl on behalf of the 16th Karmapa, Yangtze Rigpe Dorje, and are under the spiritual direction of the 17th Karmapa, Trinli Taye Dorje,” the community states. In Hungary itself you can find more centers in Becske, Debrecen, Eger, Gyöngyös and even more rural locations!

But what exactly is happening in these Centers? “Diamond Way Centers operate through volunteer work based on friendship and idealism. They offer the practical teachings and skilful methods of the Buddha that can be applied in everyday life. Through meditation and our daily activities, we can develop the inherent strength and purity of consciousness. The Diamond Way helps us discover and unfold the timeless nature of our consciousness for the benefit of all beings.” the center states.


diamond way buddhist center in budapest


What Do the Centers Offer?

These centers are perfect for imparting the teachings of the Buddha by transposing them into the everyday lives of modern man. So we don’t necessarily have to think only of very abstract philosophies. As Lopon Chechu Rinpoche, the great master of meditation and one of the masters who helped establish Tibetan Buddhism in the West, put it: the Buddha’s teachings “provide (effective) methods that lead to the direct experience of consciousness”. 

Events and Programs

The Diamond Way Buddhist Community and the centers place great emphasis on promoting Buddhism and passing on its teachings. That is why they regularly organize programs for this purpose: public lectures, where the foundations of Diamond Way Buddhism are introduced. There are other events where those interested can get acquainted with the practical methods of Buddhism. Moreover, there are guest speakers: they already had Lama Ole Nydahl and Jamgön Kongtrul Rinpoche.

Of course, this is all of the program offered! An exhibition entitled Treasures of Tibet is regularly held to promote the rich Tibetan culture. In addition, public lectures on meditation are held regularly, and we find group meditation events almost every weekend in both Budapest and the countryside. In addition, some of their programs are available in English, so if you have an acquaintance who is unable to attend similar events due to language limitations, be sure to recommend them the opportunities offered by the Diamond Way Buddhist Center in Budapest!


Get Involved!

If you’ve been interested in the world of Buddhism for a long time, but haven’t dared to dive into it so far or if you haven’t found a good opportunity yet to delve deeper into the subject, then the Diamond Way Buddhist Center in Budapest is sure to give you the inspiration you need. Everyone in the Community will be waiting for you with an open heart and enthusiasm to embark on this journey together!


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