Goat Yoga: Crazy but Extremely Cute!

There seems to be no limit to yoga variations today. The newest and at the same time very cute craze, Goat Yoga, is already conquering America. The Yogayogi team is totally there for it and we thought you should see this too… 
Goat Yoga: Crazy but Extremely Cute!

Before we get started, it’s good to know a few things about goats: Goats are not stupid, they are not evil and they don’t even stink. They are actually really intelligent animals, friendly and very soft. 🙂

The inventor of Goat Yoga is an Oregon yogi, Lainey Morse. The lady said the idea for goat yoga came to her after she was divorced from her husband and soon after diagnosed with an autoimmune disease. She became deeply depressed, and then, to comfort her soul, she spent her free time on her farm with her goats. She found the daily pastime with her goats so reassuring that she also invited her acquaintances to her farm.

And one fine day, one of her friends was so captivated by the peace and beauty of the place that she suggested to Lainey that they should hold yoga classes in this place. The idea proved so successful that people soon had to be put on a waiting list to try one of these new, never-before-seen yoga sessions. Everyone just loved it.


Therapeutic Effects of Animals

Animal therapy has many beneficial effects that have now been supported by research. Animal therapy may lower high blood pressure and cholesterol levels, may develop connectivity in children with autism, and can even reduce physical pain. Therapeutic animals also help maintain mental health: they reduce anxiety and feelings of loneliness. Goats are said to be one of the most ideal therapeutic animals as they are very friendly and love humans.


goat yoga


So Why Is Goat Yoga Good?

Obviously, goat yoga is not about perfect asanas, as its series of exercises consists primarily of poses for beginners. Rather, it is a therapeutic, easy and playful class for yoga practitioners at different levels, designed to bring nature closer to people. Enthusiastic fans of goat yoga claim that nothing gives them as much positive energy as an hour spent in the fresh air in the immediate company of jumping goat kids.

Unfortunately, the best yoga studios in Budapest do not yet hold goat yoga classes, but we hope that we will soon be able to try this kind of therapeutic yoga somewhere in Hungary as well. We can’t wait!

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