How to Be Mindful during the Christmas Holidays

Being mindful during the Christmas holidays can become especially important. But what does that even mean and why is it so important during this period? If you’re not a mindfulness expert yet, we’ll introduce you to the subject and also tell you how to make your celebration more complete this Christmas.
How to Be Mindful during the Christmas Holidays

Mindfulness is especially appreciated during the holidays, even if we don’t do it consciously – especially in times when many strongly focus on the material aspect of Christmas, which also comes with a lot of stress and rush. But is it really Christmas who puts that sort of pressure on us or do we do it ourselves? 

Well, if you start practicing to be mindful during the Christmas holidays, you may realize that with your attitude and some awareness, you can take a lot of the burden off your own shoulders. You can save yourself from stress, slow down a little, and live many happy moments with your family and loved ones. But what is this magically sounding concept, and how can we incorporate it into everyday life?


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Mindfulness of often described as a conscious presence, awareness, attention and alert attention. It is a state where we are consciously and openly directing our attention to the present moment while setting aside our judgments and the judgments that live within us. That is, we are merely experiencing what is happening around us.


Why is it Hard?

We are all human, so we know very well that it is not easy to clear our minds and keep our thoughts in one place. Those who regularly go to yoga studios in Budapest or meditate at home -or possible in some of the best English meditation places in Budapest – know this especially well. However, they may already have practice in controlling their minds, making it a degree easier for them to be mindful during the Christmas holidays.

The hardest part of mindfulness – and this is the biggest hurdle for beginners as well – is centering our attention properly. Plenty of spontaneous thoughts, random judgments, memories, or even daydreams can arise within us, instantly ripping us out of a state of mindfulness. However, with regular practice, you will be able to silence your thoughts after a while. But why do we strive for that?


Why is it Important?

According to a Harvard study, 47% of the time a person is thinking about something else than what they are doing right in that moment. This, in turn, completely takes away the experience factor of our current tasks – which is especially important during the Christmas period, as we have a lot of positive effects! 

So if you want to keep your mind focussed around the holidays this year – and during the celebration – and not on what else you should have baked or which other gifts you should have bought, listen to us! Mindfulness is even more useful during the holidays than in the rest of the year, so it’s worth starting to practice – even today.


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Being Mindful during the Christmas Holidays: 5 Tips to Succeed

With the following five tips, mindfulness can take your magical time with your family to a whole new level during the Christmas holidays. Start practicing them one after the other in your daily routine and watch your habits change! You may not master them perfectly, but you’ll already notice the blessing effects of mindfulness.

Active Listening

When someone tells you a story over Christmas dinner, don’t just hear it, listen to it without any distraction, like TV! You will be amazed at how much your dialogues will change and how much better it will feel to communicate with your family and friends this way.

Emotions and Attention

Listen to your emotions! This applies to you and those around you. Notice how people feel during the holidays and talk to them about it! In the meantime, don’t forget to monitor your own emotions as well, as the holiday season may not just evoke positive memories in you. Be aware of these!


There are not many people on earth who do not have at least one minimum judgment in themselves. This can be particularly conflicting at Christmas, when family tensions arise. And not just judgement towards others, but to yourself too! That’s why we recommend that this year, if you feel this kind of thing arising during the holidays, pay attention to it consciously. Notice, accept, find out where your emotions come from, and let them go! To do this, try to consciously break yourself away from such negative criticism – be it directed at anyone.


There can be patterns and habits in everyone’s life that give birth to constant negativity. Be it an annoying relative at the Christmas table or at your Christmas party at work – try to look at them differently this year! Instead of getting angry, notice and accept your emotions, and then be curious about your surroundings and what is happening around you!

Compassion – with Yourself

During the festive rush, we often forget about ourselves and doing something for ourselves. That’s why you should treat yourself well too! Get enough sleep, exercise and allow time for some relaxation and recharging!


We hope these tips on how to be mindful during the Christmas holidays will help you to have a fuller and happier holiday this year. Then you can start practicing for the next conscious year!


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