English Meditation in Budapest – Where to go!

The practice of meditation can help us in many areas of our lives. Of course you can practice at home, but if you are looking for English meditations in Budapest, things can become a bit tricky. We are here to help!
English Meditation in Budapest – Where to go!

By now, meditation is an integral part of life in Budapest and ingrained in yoga culture. So if someone needs to take a break from their hectic routines, calm their minds and just pay attention to themselves for a while, they can do so at any time.

Of course, anyone has the opportunity to meditate at home, but if you’ve tried it before, you might not have found it that easy. It’s just like yoga: you can practice at home , but in the best yoga studios in Budapest you can usually practice asanas with calmer conditions and detailed instructions. 

But why is meditation good for us? And what is it all about? And of course: where can we find English meditation opportunities in Budapest? It is a bit harder, if you don’t speak Hungarian, but there are several options for English speakers, if you know where to look.


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The concept of meditation is not easy to grasp. It can best be described as the collective name of a series of intellectual practices and techniques. It refers to practices and techniques that help focus attention, develop increased self-awareness, spiritual enlightenment, and calm the mind. And with all this, they have countless positive effects on the mind and soul of the meditator.

Meditation itself is not a new thing, many cultures have been practicing it for millennia. These include Hinduism, Islam, Christianity and, of course, Buddhism. Its spread across the world has also brought with it the emergence of several newer types of meditation. Thus, it is now used completely independently of any religion, even as part of psychotherapeutic treatments, as an adjunct to sports activities, or to treat medical conditions. Thanks to its widespread use, meditation is already available in countless forms in Budapest.


Why Should You Meditate?

Before we go into detail about the forms of meditation you can find in Budapest, let’s look at why it is worth meditating! On the one hand, because it has a very good effect on a person and helps dealing with today’s omnipresent issues like anxiety, depression, difficulty sleeping and high blood pressure.  Meditation also helps with managing stress, it raises awareness, and even strengthens the immune system! For some it can even bring relief from headaches and possibly migraines.

In addition to all this, you may notice that meditation helps to develop mindfulness, to behave more consciously towards yourself and others. Moreover, if you meditate regularly, you can be more empathetic to your environment.


english meditation in budapest


English Meditation in Budapest

We believe that by now we have surely convinced you that you should immerse yourself in the world of meditation. But where can you do it? While it is still not that easy to find English meditations in Budapest, there are some options . 


Diamond Way Buddhist Community

We have already written about the Hungarian Diamond Way Buddhist Community. They operate a meditation center near the city center, where beginners are welcome. There is a guided meditation in English every Thursday at 7pm, followed by an introductory lecture into Buddhism.


Dora Yoga

Dora Yoga often organizes English yoga sessions with a heavy focus on post flow meditation, usually including sound healing therapy too. 


The Best Yoga Studios in Budapest

English Meditation practices in Budapest are held in almost every yoga studio. Either after yoga classes or sometimes also as completely separate event, you can even find sound meditation and meditation with aromatherapy. 


Get started!

Now that you have a few options for English meditation in Budapest, there is nothing that is still keeping you from implementing a regular meditation practice into your daily life. All that is left is to find out which form of meditation is most beneficial for you.


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